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Inside This Issue:

Maui – The Heart of the Matter

Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds. ~David Deida

Sometimes, we just need the right information to provoke us to wake up, to have us shake out the cobwebs that were purposely meant to cloud our thinking and have us feel powerless. To this end, we have collected vital information, perspectives, calls to action, so that you can see the Lahaina event with new eyes, different perceptions, and be able to be active and responsive and not just traumatized.

Before you dig in, please take a moment to engage your parasympathetic response by performing the oxytocin breath (deep long inhale; exhale with a long sigh resembling something orgasmic). Hey, I've (Iona) demonstrated this with a microphone in front of my face on a stage before a mixed audience; if I can do it, you can get beyond your inhibitions...for the sake of humanity. This helps us transcend the global trauma we are experiencing and raise our frequency so we can actually listen and be truly effective in whatever we choose to do.

Mikki Willis from the 3 Plandemic movies, The Pride school system and many more

Salient points:
  • A viral video suggests that it depicts lasers setting fires to Maui... is actually a video of a transformer exploding in Chile.
  • The head of the Maui Emergency Management resigned just one day after he defended his decision of not deploying evacuation sirens.
  • Cell communications went down.
  • While the fires were raging, the water supply was turned off, leaving residents and firefighters unable to save businesses, homes, and lives.
  • Citizen-chartered boats on course to rescue residents were turned away.
  • Maui's Police Chief also oversaw the controversial Las Vegas massacre in 2017.
  • President Biden offered only $700 in emergency assistance per Maui household the same week he allocated another 24 billion dollars to Ukraine.
  • The World Economic Forum was spearheading a plan to use Maui as a prototype for AI-controlled clean energy.
  • In January 2023, a conference held in Maui focused on transforming the entire island into a "15-minute smart city", an agenda of the World Economic Forum and global elitists which we will cover in detail next week.
  • Real estate developers have been pushing hard to acquire Lahaina. Indigenous locals have denied every offer to sell their sacred land.

The HighWire Episode 333: INESCAPABLE
The Highwire's broadcast on Thursday 8/17 did not originally have a Lahaina fire segment on its agenda. However, out of the Gate, front and center, an entire hour was devoted to presenting the most recent data and inside information. "After the devastating fires in Maui, Lahaina resident Mike Cicchino tells his horrifying story of having to flee the fires with his wife and child, taking refuge in the ocean for hours. He details his family's experience, the loss of their home, and separates fact from fiction. Also, hear from two experienced disaster relief responders on the ground in the fire's aftermath with their take on where the government's disaster warning systems and relief have failed." I could not NOT watch. It was compelling information.

Dark Journalist
At the request of his "Ideas Room" chat group, he began the episode with information he had from researching the fire and answered some of the questions from chat. The main points are mentioned between timestamps 2:46 and 7:50, but he weaves the event into the entire conversation about Continuity of Government, including a relationship to the Trump Indictment and Hurricane Hillary.

The big take-away: One of the goals is the instatement of more emergency powers. Also, mention of Weather modification and other weapons. They're not always causing it, but the response may be every bit as important.

KanekoaTheGreat, Investigative Journalist
Lahaina Maui residents are questioning the government's failure to issue fire alarms, delayed water supply during fires, and the power company's long-standing disregard for fire warnings.

Additionally, "An independent Maui company has unveiled new evidence suggesting that equipment failures in the power grid likely triggered multiple fires."

Dane Wigington – GeoEngineering Watch
"Flash drought and anomalous 85 MPH winds perfectly timed to create an unprecedented inferno. Was the convergence of all these conditions just coincidence? Just random acts of nature? Or is there much more to the story that we are not being told? What puzzle piece is being systematically omitted from climate collapse catastrophe reporting of events that are unfolding all over the world?"

Tropical Firepocalypse; "He who controls the weather controls the world." ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

The Western Journal
Also, "A Hawaii official who has been accused of withholding water from firefighters during a critical point in the Maui wildfire was previously named a 'leader' by the Obama Foundation in 2019."

Hawaiian Musical Expression

To honor all physically involved and also to balance the energy (which includes ours so we can lift and serve and not add to the victimization which, though well-meant, truly leads to seeing people as less than who they are and are capable of), here is some Hawaiian music and dancing. Over the rainbow, way up high; there's a place that we've heard of, once in a lullaby...this is the version possibly most familiar from "Good Morning, VietNam." Dancers enhance the words with their movements of traditional dance.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Due to its shape, Maui has often been referred to as the heart of the planet...

Hula Is More Than a Dance—It's the 'Heartbeat' of the Hawaiian People

The literal meaning of aloha is "the presence of breath" or "the breath of life." It comes from "Alo," meaning presence, front and face, and "ha," meaning breath. Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. It is used both as a greeting and a farewell.

"Aloha 'Oe" (Farewell to Thee) Ukulele Play-Along!

How Is This Possible?

From the very early days of this newsletter we've been covering the topic of "deep-state infiltration", going far beyond the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned about to include just about every institution you can think of – banking, main stream media, entertainment, education, medicine, big tech, CIA, FBI, DOJ...

You might be wondering, and rightfully so, how is this possible? It seems so bizarre and even incredulous.

You may recall our June 9 mention of Amy Robach's frustrations that Disney-owned ABC Quashed her Jeffrey Epstein Story; in this she mentions they "had it all" including (Bill) Clinton and mentioned a blackmail aspect. Alex Acosta was the prosecutor in Epstein's 2007 trial. The FBI had prepared a 53 page indictment for sex crimes with minors and trafficking; instead, after being told Epstein "belonged to intelligence" and to back off because Epstein was "above his pay grade", the indictment was shelved and Acosta cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea. There have been many claims of hidden video cameras everywhere on Epstein Island. Video someone in a compromising situation, then you can blackmail them into submission; so the alleged ties to an intelligence agency makes sense.

Just because someone appears in a picture with Epstein, appears in his phone book, or flew on his plane doesn't mean they are guilty of sex crimes. Just because someone actually flew to the island doesn't mean they are guilty either, but you don't need someone to actually engage in sex crimes to be blackmailed. It would not have been that difficult to put them unwittingly into a compromising situation there and record it.

Cindy McCain, widow of late Senator John McCain, declared "Epstein was hiding in plain sight. We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was — no legal aspect that would go after him... For whatever reason, they were afraid of him." (Note: I (Stephen) did personally watch the video of this, but since then YouTube has removed it.) Who is included in the "we"? Why would they be afraid of Epstein? Because he was an "intelligence" asset?

We've already reported the Virgin Islands case against JPMorgan because former bank executive Jes Staley cooperated with Epstein after his crimes were known. Not only is Staley accused of forcibly and violently raping one of the victims/plaintiffs, he is said to have told her that Epstein 'authorized him to do whatever he wanted to her', and emails between the two provide more damning evidence . Epstein was a convicted child molester, a known international child sex trafficker, and a registered level 3 sex offender, BEFORE Bill Gates started a relationship with him. This was one of the reasons Melinda Gates filed for divorce, stating Epstein was "abhorrent, he was evil personified, I had nightmares afterwards..."

The Wall Street Journal has revealed scheduled meetings between Epstein and "current CIA Director William Burns, banker Ariane de Rothschild, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bard College president Leon Botstein, Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, Harvard University professor Martin Nowak, anthropologist Helen Fisher, and professor Noam Chomsky... former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Emeritus Lawrence Summers and Apollo Global Management co-founder Leon Black". Epstein has also been linked to Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Epstein was also a "major science donor who gave millions of dollars to leading scientists and top universities, including Harvard and MIT", who issued press releases "highlighting his support of top scientists, some of whom he counted as personal friends". Again, all after his sex crimes were well known.

When Robach frustratingly stated "we had it all" she included Bill Clinton. The Epstein flight log showed he went to the island 26 times, and there have been many reports they were friends. Ghislane Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, victim of Prince Andrew and the Epstein sex trafficking ring, in deposition stated that Clinton went to Epstein's private island with 'two young girls', and "You know, I remember asking Jeffrey what's Bill Clinton doing here [on Epstein's island] kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said, 'Well he owes me favors.'" Or course Clinton denies he was even on the island (just like he denied he had sex with Monica Lewinsky) even though the flight logs disagree. One woman that had a book deal on this scandal that was supposed to be published in 2011, has said that fifteen different publishers turned her down for two reasons, "number 1 fear of libel, and number 2 fear of Clinton presidency."

The main stream media does its best to link Donald Trump to Epstein. Trump has appeared in the flight logs but never to the island, and only between 1993-1997, a decade before Epstein's initial indictment. An attorney who represented victims of Epstein has stated that "the only person that helped him was then citizen Donald Trump... 'I'll give you as much time as you want. I'll tell you what you need to know', and [Trump] was very helpful, in the information that he gave." According to court documents, Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago Club because Epstein sexually assaulted a minor girl at the club."

Joe Biden has a history of very suspicious behaviors — sniffing and nibbling children, inappropriate touching and kissing females of all ages, and creepy remarks. In her diary, Biden's daughter Ashley writes about being highly sexualized at an early age, and that there were "showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)", and a Florida court case has confirmed Ashley Biden's diary is real. Of course the "fact checkers" try their best to deny this, and no one in the main stream media thinks this is worth reporting. We've already reported on the voluminous sex crimes found on Hunter Biden's laptop. This includes very creepy photos of him and his teenage niece Hallie, and a text conversation between Hunter and his sister Ashley where Hunter complained that Hallie told his therapist about an incest allegation.

It's no wonder why so many people believe the world is run by a bunch of sick pedophiles and sex traffickers, who use blackmail to force loyalty to their agenda, which includes smearing anyone or anything that shines a light on them such as the movie Sound of Freedom.

More on how this is possible next week.

As Above, So Below - Mercury Retrograde and Virgo Season Begins

"Oh no, here we go again. Another Mercury Retrograde. Everything is going to go haywire. The sky is falling." Well, not necessarily. We can actually use this aspect and transit to our benefit.

Although it occurs 3x yearly, due to the house and sign it takes place in as well as how it plays with the other planets, there is a different set of potentials for each retrograde cycle, each year, each decade, each century. So while we can predict some potential outcomes based of the alignments, we do ourselves no favors in assuming this retrograde will be a repeat of any other. And, we always have choice in our responses to the possibilities.

Mercury, at 21 degrees Virgo, stations retrograde 08/23/23, proceeds "backwards" to 8 degrees before stationing direct and moving forward once more on 09/15. It is not truly out of the cycle until it reaches the same degree on which it turned retrograde. Thus, from 9/15 to 9/30, Mercury will be moving forward passing through the territory it backed over when the retrograde cycle began allowing us to make new decisions about what we've just reviewed.

During a retrograde, we have the good fortune to re-assess, re-evaluate, re-consider, re-discover, re-novate, re-build… you get the picture. We can become aware of patterns, puzzles, and the rhythms of daily life and decide to keep, change, even choose differently.

Also on 8/23, the Sun moves into Virgo initiating Virgo season and adding more emphasis to all things Virgo. Around 9/7, the Sun's forward path will cross Mercury's retro movement charging the energy of Mercury and highlighting new awarenesses. During Virgo season, it's a good time to evaluate the body's health, perhaps focus on high vibrational foods, limit sugar, watch how the energies of others might affect you.

Mercury is the ruler of two signs—Gemini and Virgo. With Gemini it signals more about communication while in Virgo details, plans. As Chiron's presence in the Solar System was acknowledged, an understanding also was realized of Chiron's co-rulership of Virgo; it is, after all, the wounded healer and Virgo is related to the physical health of the body. What we want to watch for are some of the negative expressions of Virgo including self-criticism, inner critic, conditions we put on ourselves. We can choose different responses.

Mars, also in Virgo, is adding its fiery energy. As it trines Uranus in Taurus (both at 23 degrees of their signs), we see the emergence of the soldier athlete (Mars). There can be genius ideas and breakthroughs (Uranus) that need to be documented and organized. Trust that Mars in Virgo can manifest a plan to execute much as a general might do.

On 8/22, Venus in Leo (self love) squares Uranus showing us how to love ourselves into authenticity, to be more of who we are. The Uranian contribution will show us the Truth around other people's characters.

Re-member, when our intentions are over-detailed and rigid, the Universe may be prevented from providing support because such help might be outside the bounds of our rules and details. Virgo is adaptable and encourages us to so be, as well. Use this time to practice (re-peat) what you want to be good at or upgrade.
"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky." ~Hafiz

Stepping into the Parallel Economy

I (Jason) used to carry around a lot of anger directed at the "system." I know it's evil. I know it's engineered. I know it's getting worse. If you're reading this weekly message, this is probably very obvious to you as well.

Back then, my consciousness had not yet expanded to a level where I accurately understood the power I held within to create a different world. I had been trained to think in a linear way where, to get from point A to point B you have to travel through each point along the line that connects those two locations.

Travelling to point B is unnecessary if you understand that you can simply create it right from where you are. You don't have to go "there" when you can bring it "here."

This is the nature of the parallel economy and entire parallel reality from which it manifests. The "parallel" economy is not another linear line running along side the system, it is a completely different state of being and doing.

To see the system dissolve, the energy that keeps it alive must be removed. That energy comes from me, and you and everyone else on this plane. To the extent the Matrix receives our awareness, it will continue. When that awareness is removed and placed elsewhere, like on the creation of the new, it will lose its power to exist.

Years ago, I wanted to change the system. Today, I know that no reforming is required. Only awakening. Only clarity of intention. And the understanding that, within each of us is the power to create in accordance with our truth.

This is why we do the work we do at FreedomWorks with Private Membership Associations.

We are helping business owners anchor themselves in a new reality of their own making. A reality where the constraints no longer exist that might limit the expression of your value to the world.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

If you are ready to move forward creating a FreedomWorks PMA, you can submit your application here.


The FreedomWorks Team

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