FreedomWorks is founded on the principle of ministering to the needs of those who wish to avail themselves of the services of the Society, both of private and personal as well as a practical nature. This shall include but not be limited by the following:

Our Vision

We envision a Humanity awakened to and conscious of its infinite capacity for Life by having transcended the old paradigm and stepped into heroic probability, imagination, creation, collaboration, and a new language. Here is where we thrive, not merely exist; where we choose with intention and purpose; where we work with the forces of Life and Nature. This is where the connection with Self is encouraged, new innate talents and abilities are discovered and developed, and then celebrated for the good of one and the benefit of all. It is where we flow with new energies as our perceptions and perspectives become more fluid, less rigid. And, this is a world in which awareness and consciousness within expands and embodies inclusiveness, understanding, self-love, and respect for all Life; where our voices harmonize our collective Soul song, the song of Freedom.

We of FreedomWorks:

  • Believe Love, as in the state of being and not an emotion, is the Creator.
  • Believe in the perspective of “as above, so below.” We can draw the energies of the cosmos to us while simultaneously connecting with Life from within.
  • Believe in the concept of “what else is possible.”
  • Believe the proverbial “teach a person to fish” idea moves humanity towards empowerment and autonomy instead of dependency, entitlement, and low self-esteem.
  • Believe we make more impact in the world when we can pursue our life’s work or purpose free of the pitfalls of false truths, perpetual debt status, and the practice of borrowing from the future.
  • Believe that without the constraints of rules, regulations, and laws telling us how to interact, behave, perform, or speak, we can create life-enhancing structures that enable people to thrive and be self-determining.
  • Believe in collaboration, cooperation, self-love, and inclusiveness of all humanity and with all organic life.
  • Believe in respecting and honoring Earth for its capacity to nurture Life for eons prior to human emergence. We do not presume dominance or guardianship of this collective community but are complementary partners in its natural rhythms.
  • Believe the ultimate path to freedom begins from within each of us before expanding out to the world and beyond.
  • Believe that while embracing our own freedom, we must honor the freedom of others.

Our Mission


  • Provides the tools, resources, and processes which enable Members to be liberated from limitations and controls imposed by internal and external sources and thus achieve physical, emotional, mental, and financial freedom.
  • Develops and Maintains platforms allowing Living beings to fully express their Missions and manifest their Visions.
  • Offers education and other resources to release the locked mindset, transcend obsolete paradigms, and fully internalize the true Freedom necessary to maneuver successfully in the world.
  • Creates a space to build a collaborative community with opportunities to learn and expand our collective knowledge, wisdom, and practical solutions. This community would simultaneously encourage and support Members’ efforts to move into new ways of being and operating while sharing our gifts with the world.
  • Establishes a marketplace and outreach for the exchange of services and goods.
  • Facilitates a forum for discussion and sharing among those who resonate with the journey towards Freedom.
  • Celebrates and respects the diversity of all Life as we mutually co-operate and resonate with nature to maintain a thriving planet.