The FreedomWorks Core Team emerged from shared but individuated experiences of empty promises, delayed actions, and frustration within organizations focused on freedom but lacking leadership of the required honor and integrity to realize this goal. We felt an urgency to get moving, to focus on taking action. We desired to overcome our disappointments, step out of the paradigm, and explore what else was possible. We recognized the immediate need for practical solutions that are both expansive in their vision as well as effective in the present day, and wanted to create a path for those who have gifts to share but want to express them in new and more powerful ways in the world. We wanted to make things happen NOW.

The FreedomWorks Core Team of 4 could have started a band, albeit an eclectic one, as we have musical backgrounds and abilities and have performed in churches, on outdoor stages, at festivals, and in auditoriums.

We could have followed in Indiana Jones’ footsteps (one of us having started life in Indiana and others having explored and studied the cultures and archaeology of ancient societies).

Over the course of 5 decades, we’ve worked in educational institutions, with local and governmental agencies, in politics, with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, publishers, retailers, wholesalers, agriculture and food production, healing, planning and development, artists/makers.

The seven decades of our lives have been informed by the opening of the first Disneyland, JFK, Beatles and Beach Boys, Vietnam, Civil Rights, RFK and MLK, Woodstock, Watergate, 18-year-old voting rights, oil & toxic spills, women’s lib, New Age, advent of computers and cell phones, MTV, HSN, QVC, HIV, CNN, the Aid concerts, 9/11, social media. And all the different wars – VietNam, space, crime, illiteracy, drugs, terror, oil, physical fitness, weapons of mass destruction, health care…

We have been straight and narrow, goody-two-shoes, rebels, entrepreneurs, leaders, movers, shakers, paradigm shifters. We’ve questioned authority; we’ve demonstrated; we’ve blazed new paths. We know what it’s like to have a dream yet continually be confronted by “you can’t,” or limited by the rules that prevent innovation and better solutions to problems.

We each have our “genius” zones honed from years of experience, learning new skills, personal interests, innate wisdom, research, trainings, and mentors. Some of this experience overlaps, i.e. we have similar skillsets or backgrounds yet flavored by personal perspective and backgrounds.

The range includes a combined:

  • 35 years Software Development providing custom tailored solutions to a variety of businesses
  • 50 years as Marketing consultants
  • 15+ years freelance Copywriting and Content Development
  • 40+ years in Sales from mineral/gems to books and gifts to natural/organic foods
  • 115+ years Exploration of metaphysics, spirituality, multi-dimensional existence. Development of intuitive and psychic senses. Understanding what leads to true personal freedom versus the red-flags that indicate what keeps one imprisoned by the veils of illusion.
  • 45+ years Business Development participation, mentoring, training
  • 70+ years researching and studying under some of the most learned people in the US regarding the basis and history of IRS, Federal Reserve, UCC, Admiralty Law, Commercial Law, Equity Law, economics, US Corporation versus the Republic, nature of money, and the debt-based system of slavery.
  • 40+ years being mentored by some of most learned scholars regarding privacy, sovereignty, multi-layered entity structuring, laws and Supreme Court rulings.
  • 12+ years successful correction of political status from U.S. citizen/debt-slave to a private state national and free living man/woman.
  • 27 years of experience operating private societies/private contract associations.