What If Most Everything You’ve Been Told About How to “Make It” in the Matrix Was Designed to Keep You From Financial Freedom?

How Would Your Life Change If Financial Freedom Became Your Reality?

Our mission at FreedomWorks involves providing the tools, resources, and processes which enable Members to be liberated from limitations and controls imposed by internal and external sources and thus achieve physical, emotional, mental, and financial freedom.

By design, Financial Freedom is not a condition enjoyed by most. But with the proper knowledge, things that you’ve been told are impossible can actually become real.

We offer educational resources to help our Members take a big step closer to true Financial Freedom through understanding how they can better deal with the burden of debt.


Several years age, around 2019, I found myself owing $65,000 thousand dollars to the Internal Revenue Service and $14,000 thousand dollars to the Franchise Tax Board due to an unscrupulous man I invested with.

Through a series of synchronistic events I was introduced to the law of Equity and after a brief explanation of the power of equity and the stress of these huge payments, I decided to jump into this new idea I was introduced to. I figured I had nothing more to lose and more to gain.

My tax bill was escalating due to my ”frozen” state of mind and inaction, not knowing HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO PAY? Several years went by, so now the federal tax due was $75,000 thousand dollars. Eventually the FTB went into my bank account and withdrew their claim of $14,000 dollars from my savings account without any notice.

However, through my perseverance and faith in equity and those “learned in the Law” who helped me, about a year later I received a check from the FTB for $14,000… out of the blue. The Federal Taxes are systematically being discharged and on the statements that I now receive there are no threats or charges. Through the equity process it is apparent that all the accounting of the debt will be reconciled, accounts closed and debt extinguished.

If you find yourself in a similar situation regarding debts or other contractual obligations, I encourage you to take a close look at the Law of Equity. How and why it works is gradually clarifying in my mind… it is a process of relearning and clearing out old beliefs and fears from my mind as new truths take root. The leap of faith I took, based on the opinion and promptings of a trusted friend have brought me considerable peace of mind.

Joanne M.

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