“It is an incredibly empowering and life enhancing experience being a Member of FreedomWorksPCA. I am beyond thrilled with the Membership Services I have, and I continue to, receive.

With the seasoned experience, clear instruction, and responsive guidance of the entire FW team, White Pines PCA was successfully birthed into being in 2023! As General Manager, I just completed the step of setting up a bank account which was made simple for me through the steps outlined by FW along with the extensive paperwork that was prepared on my behalf in the Society Documents, Articles of Establishment, Member Agreements, and more. This is a big milestone for me that is the culmination of a solid few seasons of effort and dedication! I am so excited, thank you FreedomWorks for your patience and continued support!

The path of starting a PCA began with a warm team welcome that led into wonderful wordsmithing sessions with Iona, whose skills and talent assisted me in bringing clear definition to a dream that was needing form and freedom from languaging limitations rooted in scarcity consciousness. That dream now has a thriving form, healthy structure and support, and a meaningful mission that aligns with my Soul’s passion and purpose.

This journey has required a shift in perspective, an increase in personal responsibility, and dedication to my personal development towards our collective growth. Taking the road less travelled- guided by the heart with some blindfolded bushwhacking along the way- has led me to a magnificent place and I’m not sure how I would have made it here like this, without FreedomWorks lighting the way. Thank you Jason, Iona and Stephen Paul!”

Rebecca B., General Manager, White Pines PCA