Have Questions About Your Specific Situation on Your Journey Towards Freedom?

Schedule a Private Consultation to Get Your Questions Answered and Determine the Best Way Forward For You

Given that our work at FreedomWorks involves serving others on their journey towards freedom, we get a steady stream of questions about Private Membership Associations as well as a long list of freedom-related topics including birth certificates for children, getting “out” of the Matrix, asset protection, dealing with serious issues with Matrix officers, private trusts and other private entities, our opinion of and experience with the many available paths to freedom, and much more.

Some of the questions we are able to address in a general way through our publications and other FreedomWorks communications. But many of the questions and issues are often unique to your specific situation and deserve private attention and counsel.

We have been on this journey since the late 90s and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you navigate the many questions and situations that arise on this journey. It is for this reason that we are making available a select number of Private Consultations each week for those who would like our help addressing their specific situation to evaluate options and actions for moving forward.

Consultations are 30 minutes in length. The donation for this service is $99.

To request a Consultation with Jason David, Overseer of FreedomWorks, please click the button below. Once your request is completed, you will receive an email with instructions for scheduling.

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