Create a FreedomWorks Mission Society-Based PMA and Move Your Livelihood Out of the Matrix System

If you are in the early stages of learning about PMAs, please make sure you request access to the PMA 101 presentation which walks you through the foundational concepts you need to know for this journey.

Please understand that, while it is easy to think of a Mission Society-based PMA as a set of documents that will “protect you,” that undermines the powerful truth that is the true foundation of this journey:

The power for this actually comes from your own decision to live based on your own internal truth. The Mission Society and Private Membership Association is simply a tool within which you can give full expression to those three components of your being.

Our intent is not to offer yet another thing to which you give your power away. This path is for those who want to use a well-designed and comprehensive structure to support their work and engage in the journey of self-responsibility to make that happen.

While many options exist for creating a Private Membership Association, it’s important you understand exactly what you are getting with each one. Most options deliver paperwork and send you on your way.

There are drastic differences between the options available for PMAs in terms of approach, specific structures/entities used, the depth of personal service offered and the level of protection that is provided. Understanding these differences is key in making sure you choose the best path forward for your work.

Our work together is intended to be very different.

While each member is fully responsible for their own journey, our focus is on providing continuing education and support as you work with those you serve in a private jurisdiction, outside of the public system.

Some Comments From One of Our Members:

Not only are we building a group of well-educated, self-responsible beings who take a proactive approach to managing their affairs in the world, but also a community of like-minded people who resonate with the ideals of living and working based on your own internal truth.

Creating and working within a Private Membership Association is a process, not an event.

What Makes a FreedomWorks PMA Different From Other Options?

  1. FreedomWorks works with our members to create a complete solution that is tailored to the unique intentions they have for their work in the world. This begins with an extensive guided process to achieve a high level of clarity regarding the Vision, Beliefs and Mission of the Society and to discover how best to articulate these “hard to put into words” big ideas. For many, this process is one of the most valuable and transformative experiences of the entire journey in that it helps to facilitate a permanent expansion of awareness, power and the ability to see what is possible in the world.
  2. FreedomWorks uses multiple entities and a multi-layered strategy which allows for contracts with public entities, such as banks and utility providers, while still maintaining the fully private status of the PMA. NOTE: A singular Articles of Association document and an EIN do NOT provide the complete set of protections available through FreedomWorks.
  3. A FreedomWorks PMA is rooted in a Mission Society — a long established structure that is the foundation for some of the most well known institutions across the world. A Mission Society enjoys additional rights guaranteed by the Constitution, several unassailable Supreme Court rulings, the UN Charter, and the Law Of Nations for the members of a such a Society to unite together for the purpose of freely pursuing their right of self-determination and their economic, social and cultural development, as well as substantial freedoms provided by sections 508(c)(1)(A) and 6033(a)(3)(A)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code.  These two structures are the core of a uniquely multi-layered organization that is unparalleled in its ability to provide a safe haven for fulfilling one’s religious/spiritual calling to serve the world
  4. FreedomWorks offers our members the education and ongoing support required to manage and maintain the PMA and its related entities. In addition, FreedomWorks is geared towards helping you build a legacy that will continue forward long after you have retired, passed on, or become incapacitated.
  5. Last but not least, in the unlikely event that a STATE actor attempts to penetrate the impregnable barriers that lawfully separate our private jurisdiction from public interference,  FreedomWorks has partnered with another organization that has mastered the commercial law and court systems and has a proven track record of success in peaceful settlement of any such issues.

Our effort is to make this journey valuable and eye-opening while at the same time very practical.

As a Member of the FreedomWorks PMA Service, Here is a Summary of What You Will Receive:

All document templates and necessary support required to create the entities (trusts etc.) for a full and complete Private Society based on the very same structure used throughout the current world system.

  • All document templates and necessary support required to create any auxiliary entities needed to hold property, depending on your specific situation.
  • All document templates and necessary support to create and manage a Private Membership Association and the additional components required to interface with the banking system.
  • Thorough education (video/audio/written) explaining each part of the structure, each of the entities involved, allowing for both a deep understanding of the building blocks of each Society as well as their practical application in the world.
  • Support for questions and direction as you move your work into a private jurisdiction.

Below you will find a general summary of the process we will work through:

  • Necessary Communication to Understand Your Specific Situation
  • Private Society Document Creation
  • Document Review
  • Autograph/Sealing and Filing of Documents in Private Court
  • EIN Acquisition
  • Banking Setup
  • Education (initial and ongoing)

If you have any questions about any aspect of this offering, please ask. There is no intent to pressure or convince anyone into going down this path. It is intended only for those who resonate with it at a deep level.

This is a path of self-responsibility. So while you will not be “on your own,” you will be responsible for your actions and the consequences of those actions, as we all are.

Required Donation: A donation in the form of USD or silver equivalent, or other acceptable currency in the amount of $5,000, which includes a full year of membership for ongoing support/changes etc. A donation installment option is available upon request. After the first year, an annual donation of $250 is required to access continued support, maintain your archive in the court record and to provide for the resolution of any issues within the membership of the Ecclesiastical Court.

Estimated Time to Completion: Approximately 30-45 days (This may vary depending on current scheduling availability for initial interview etc.)

NEXT STEPS: If you resonate with the information contained on this page and want our help moving forward creating and managing a FreedomWorks PMA rooted within a Mission Society, please click the button below to begin the enrollment process by telling us more about your work.

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