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Doctors Paid to Lie to Moms

In our 4/23 FWCU we reported on issues of “calcified placentas” and maternal and fetal deaths related to the Covid vaxx. How did this happen? Well, we find some answers in the following interviews.

It seems that organizations such as the American College of Obstetrics/Gynecology as well as at least 300 other influencers and with the assurance of Dr. Wallensky in April 2021 that vaccines were okay for pregnant women, turned the Hippocratic oath into the hypocritic promise.

Shocking FOIA Results: $11 Million to Bribe OB-GYNs to Lie to Moms About Safety of MRNA-Vaccines. Dr. Naomi Wolf, head of the Daily Clout, on August 4, 2023 interviewed Dr. James Thorp who reveals FOIA (freedom of information act) results: $11 million was spent to bribe OB-GYNs to lie to women about mRNA injections. But this was more than a bribe to lie, it was also a threat to doctors who might deviate from the narrative of “safety” by informing women of the issues of premature birth, the 81% risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, infertility, poisoning of breast milk, disruption of menstrual cycles, malformed infant organs, preeclampsia, placenta abnormalities, maternal death. These doctors would have to return the money given to them, could lose their jobs or otherwise be sanctioned, perhaps suffer a loss of license.

Fortunately, though Dr. Thorp was fired for refusing to sign an NDA, he has now joined The Wellness Company, and continues to tell the truth (with the help of his lawyer wife) about the psyops being perpetrated, particularly on women.

On August 7, 2023, two days after her interview with Dr. Thorp, Naomi spoke with Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss what she had learned from Dr. Thorp…that HHS (Health and Human Services) was participating in the payment to OB-GYNs of millions of dollars to lie to mothers about the safety of the COVID mRNA Vaccines. She related that to this very day doctors continue to be incentivized to “stick to the script.”

It’s unlikely that there will ever be a report on midwives with PMA’s being bribed to lie to their members!

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” ―Benjamin Franklin

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

I am well aware that every point we have made in these newsletters has been allegedly debunked by the “fact-checkers”. I have made it a point to analyze these counter points in detail. What I have found is that the arguments by these supposed “fact-checkers” ignore crucial elements of the issue, debunk ancillary points taken out of context, and/or engage in logical fallacies to prove their point. They are very good at their craft, so at first a simple reading of their articles may seem to make sense; I encourage everyone to do some critical analysis yourself by comparing what’s being claimed versus what’s being debunked and how. Keep in mind, all the fact-checkers told you that:


News Updates

So much happened this week we are just going to give you some updates on stories we’ve reported previously. However, don’t be surprised if these dots eventually connect to what we’ve been reporting in the Sound of Freedom thread:

Last but not least, a new story: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan. The investigation was initiated following the observation of an election clerk who noticed an individual depositing 8-10,000 completed voter registration applications at the city office on October 8, 2020. This same individual returned multiple times, registering an additional 2,500 voters. Alarmingly, many of these registrations displayed identical handwriting with fraudulent addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, signatures did not match those on file with Michigan’s Secretary of State. Throughout the 2020 election period, these Democratic election committees provided more than $4,000,000 to Biden For President, Democratic Senatorial Campaign, DNC Services Corp and the Democratic Party of Iowa.

As Above, So Below – Leo New Moon

August 11th Russia launched its first lunar landing spacecraft in 47 years in a race with India (whose lander is scheduled to touch down 8/23) to the south pole of the moon. This is a prized destination believed to hold significant quantities of ice that could be used to extract fuel and oxygen as well as provide drinking water.

Since the penetrating light of the Super Full Moon on August 1, revelations have included UFO “disclosure hearings” featuring testimony from a probable mind-controlled 3-letter agency operative (handler sitting behind him); presentation to a Congressional Committee of bank statements showing monies received by the Biden family (at least $20 million from foreign countries); monies paid to OB/GYN physicians for following the vaxx narrative; Daily Clout’s transcriptions of some of Moderna’s findings from lab rat experimentation proving fertility and fetal issues attributed to the vaxx though never reported or disclosed by Moderna; Kennedy’s “Midnight at the Border” video from his trip to the Yuma gate giving us visual truth about who is crossing (Chinese, Afghanis, etc.), why they’ve come, what they’ve brought, the tree where women are being raped and given the morning-after pill, the nightly drug smuggling.

What has been highlighted in your personal life in the recent 12 days including: Events, awarenesses, ah-hah moments, OMG news, unexpected happenings?

The Leo New Moon conjoins with the Sun at 23 degrees on Wednesday, August 16th (5:38 am ET, 2:38 am PT). As we know, New Moons are an opportunity to sow seeds whether of the veggie or new ideas kind. Leo represents personal sovereignty, and with the Sun/Son as its “planetary” body, we are encouraged to step into our galactic citizenry and sovereignty. Leo is about confidence, creative vitality, love of life, exuberance, natural leadership; and one of the beautiful qualities of Leo is wanting to shine and helping others around you to shine as well. Talk about heroic probability!

Also on 8/16, Jupiter (expansive) in Taurus trines Mercury (messenger) in Virgo (details) and conjuncts Mars (primal energy, warrior) propelling us to think beyond our self-imposed limitations. The bigger picture becomes visible. What a great time to creatively consider what else is possible and plant these seeds. It’s also vital to remember that some seeds germinate in a matter of days! We’re in a crucible of change right nowLET’S NOT MISS IT!!

“Courage is contagious. Local action begins with the courage to do something.” ―Tom Renz (a lawyer Lawyer Tom Renz who represents J6 prisoners and vaccine injured victims, and so many others because he feel it’s the right thing to do.)

The Weight of Freedom

In the real world, there is no written code that, if followed, will guarantee that your journey through life is “smooth.” That is the implied promise of the Matrix. It is this very promise that allows so many to willingly trade freedom for what they are told is safety.

“Follow these rules and you will be OK.”

When you engineer a population to lose touch with the safety that is held within, the illusion of safety provided from another is an irresistible prize well worth the exchange of a small amount of freedom. This is a way of life that is introduced in school, reinforced through higher education, and promised as a route to success in your career.

Should you follow this road to its ultimate destination, you find that the “safety” you were chasing has now evolved into a situation where permission to live must now be granted by someone else.

This is the state of the world. But it is not the truth.

A PMA will not make you safe. It will not guarantee a smooth passage during your experience in this life. All of those things are creations only you have the power to manifest from within. What a PMA will do is help you focus the power you carry each and every moment, even now as you read this, to bring into the physical realm the deepest intentions of your heart.

The largest price you will pay is that this road requires you shoulder the weight of self-responsibility.


While you will not be alone on this journey, you alone will be responsible. At first, it might feel like an enormous weight that seems like a big step backwards. But that’s only because our conditioning has made us feel the physical sensation of freedom is a burden to carry.

Freedom is “heavy” because it is POWER. POWER to create the world you want to see. Most will shy away from this feeling and continue to live in a way that ensures “everything will be OK.” But making sure everything will be OK is not the goal. The goal is to fulfill the work you came to do on this plane.

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