FreedomWorks Community Update 7

The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.” -MAYA ANGELOU

Inside This Issue:

As Above, So Below

Trines occur when planets occupy signs (Aries-Pisces) of the same element (fire, earth, air, water). At this time, Mars is presently in the sign of Cancer which is associated with a water element and Saturn is in Pisces, another water element. Trines are generally known as positions of support, perhaps ease, cooperation, collaboration. When a Grand Trine occurs, the third side of the tri-angle is secured. Such is the current formation when the South Node in Scorpio (water) is added to the mix. The water element can be emotional or intuitive; it can also indicate flooding. We can take advantage of this energetic alliance by rinsing off, cleaning our emotional bodies with intention but not analysis. A wonderful opportunity to “let go.” (Caution: Just don’t go overboard filling your tub with all that cleansing water energy.)

Also at this time, Venus is moving through the final degrees of Taurus (25 -29 degrees) which is associated with Pleiades. Astronomically, this is where the Pleiades collection of stars is located within the Taurus constellation. Venus is associated with the state of being of Love. Thus, we might feel the different frequencies of Love from the Pleiades at this time.

Venus, like Mercury, moves quickly. By 4/10, it will have entered the sign of Gemini and will trine Pluto in Aquarius. This alignment, which last occurred 250 years ago, is yet another indicator of Freedom rising underscored by a bit of love energy. Venus in Gemini sparks the throat chakra…time for heartfelt speeches?

Now for Something A Little Different (From Iona)

Inspired by a suggestion from a fellow FW member, Rebecca Bruhn, who wrote about the beauty of Jesus’ words in Aramaic, I discovered a version of The Lord’s Prayer that teaches the pronunciation of each stanza through song and then performs the full piece.

I was profoundly moved. I followed the string of memories flooding my consciousness. Born an Aries (think Easter season) to musical parents, singing The Lord’s Prayer was second nature. I did so with my father, then at YMCA summer camps (singing as a large cross formed by flashlights slowly became visible on the island behind us); then at weddings and memorial services.

During a 6-week visit to Israel, I stayed at Kibbutz Netzer Sereni and sang The Lord’s Prayer (surprisingly) at a Jewish wedding. In Jerusalem (YaRooShaLieUm), we experienced the confluence of Passover, Greek eastern orthodox, and western Easter. We visited the Church of Nazareth where, in a dark cellar, a monk had translated the Bible from Aramaic to Greek and Latin. Later we toured a museum where newly discovered texts in Aramaic were being displayed.

Persian New Year is March 21-31. Ramadan 2023 began March 22 (dates change yearly) and lasts for 30 days.

In 2023, Passover began at the Full Moon 4/5; Palm Sunday was 4/2; Good Friday 4/7; Easter 4/9 (and as I recall, it was during this time that Jesus instructed the Disciples to spread the Lord’s Prayer to the people). As an aside, 4/7 is the Buddha’s birthday.

At the conclusion of this exercise in following the threads, the realization dawned that singing increases the frequency, charges the air, uplifts the Soul; and, this has been part of my Mission.

What an opportunity in which we might all participate.

Red Meat Does Not Cause Cancer

Besides Dr. Huberman and Dr. Ekberg, there are two other doctors with YouTube channels which focus on providing science-based health related education that I found found to be invaluable. These too explain how the body and its processes work in a easy-to-digest manner and bust many diet and nutrition myths as well (red meat does not cause cancer). Freedom from the medical industry and AMA propaganda tastes sweet! See Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Berg DC.

Heavy Metals in Spices & Herbs

Whether cooking or for other personal uses, or using for remedies and medicinal concoctions, we need to be mindful about sourcing spices and herbs. They are not all created equal. The term “organic” may be deceiving as not all countries abide by the same set of rules for producing “organic.” Even brands from stores such as Whole Foods (365) can be fraught with issues.

Trading locally from providers and growers who have run their products through a 3rd party verification is one means of insuring the herbs and spices are unadulterated.

Beware of Toxic Spices – Heavy Metals found in Major Brands

Telling People What They Want to Hear

One of the challenges we have at FreedomWorks when speaking with business owners considering creating a PMA is that we are not willing to characterize this journey as anything OTHER than what it is.

If successfully rearranging your business to do your work from within a PMA just involved printing out a few pages of paper as some are led to believe, this would be a very simple journey.

If completing a paint by number process without a deeper understanding of the principles at play was enough to offer the safety and protection we have all been conditioned to crave, then virtually everyone would have it.

If doing it “right” meant you would never face obstacles or challenges that required you to stand upon your truth, to defend your truth and to remain steadfast in your knowing, then the masses would be attracted to this path.

In our experience, that is far from the truth.

One of the biggest secrets to true freedom is that, in our current Matrix system, freedom is rarely convenient, simple, easy or cheap.

As these things are what the Matrix has conditioned people to want, going on this journey in the way we present it might seem like “a lot of work!”

It is our sincerest intention that each being searching for freedom may find it in the way that is right for them.

In general, however, if it sounds too good to be true, or too easy to be true, there’s a good chance it might just be so.

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