FreedomWorks Community Update 9

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Inside This Issue:

Scientific “Consensus”

In the last couple of years we’ve been deluged by the admonition to “trust the science” – to trust the scientific “consensus” – especially regarding the main-stream narrative regarding COVID and the vaccinations. Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently made waves on primetime for the statements the celebrated astrophysicist made in a now viral interview regarding “consensus”. Del Bigtree, in a follow-up video, breaks down this discussion with Tyson and demonstrates why trusting the scientific consensus is not scientific.

Besides the many instances of scientific “consensus” being proven wrong that Bigtree points out in this video, let’s also remember the erroneous information experts once told us about Asbestos, DDT and tobacco. Plus, it’s easy to produce a fake consensus when you eliminate the voice of all those that disagree with the narrative, which has been shown to be the case through the release of the Twitter Files. The dissenting voices Bigtree mentions in his video, doctors on the front-lines curing COVID, talk about adverse reactions and deaths attributed to the vaccinations, mentions of the lab-leak theory, peer-reviewed studies on the ineffectiveness of masks, and anything else contradicting Anthony Fauci were censored by not only Twitter but also Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and several other social media outlets as well as the main-stream media (which is heavily sponsored by Pfizer). This censorship was directed by various agencies within the US government, including the FBI, CIA, DHS, ODNI, NIH, and DNC.

We were told the vaccines would prevent infection, which obviously turned out to be false. We were told the vaccines were important so an infected person would not transmit the infection to someone else, which Pfizer admitted was never tested for. We were also told the vaccines were safe for pregnant women; in a previous newsletter we linked to articles about the vaccines causing miscarriages, and this next item takes this even further.

Calcified Placentas

Interview with nurse midwife Ellen Jasmer by The Daily Clout founder Dr. Naomi Wolf. Hear about some of the findings of issues for the baby (ex: reduced size due to the constriction of the placenta) as well as the mother (ex: enlarged vaginal hematomas, excessive bleeding).

“Maternal deaths are up about 40% from pre-pandemic levels, according to a recent report, based on data from the National Vital Statistics System. This alarming rise in maternal mortality has been linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the situation only worsened when COVID-19 vaccinations were introduced.”

The Pride – A new model to revolutionize education

“Our adventure in learning is born from the desire to give families an educational alternative that’s rooted in freedom, sovereignty and a commitment to helping children become inspired, joyful, and thriving humans.” Find out more about this alternative approach to education.

A Win for Religious Freedom

Aaron Siri of ICAN as well as 2 persistent mothers pursue and win a Federal suit in Mississippi to recognize and establish a First Amendment religious exemption right for their children to attend school without one or more of the state’s mandated vaccines.

“This puts an end to 44 years of discrimination and harm to Mississippi families and is a crucial win that lays the groundwork for future challenges in the five other states that similarly allow medical but not religious exemptions to school mandated vaccines.”

As Above, So Below – Mercury Leads the Retrograde Parade

Before you start moaning and groaning and tearing your hair out in anticipation of technical and mechanical glitches, misunderstandings, and lost keys that might befall during Mercury’s retrograde, let’s take another look, get a new perspective, consider “what else is possible.” Take it from one of the 18% born with Retrograde Mercury, there are benefits though sometimes these come with a lot of expletives!

Generally, Mercury Retrogrades occur in the same element–either fire, earth, air, water– 3 times during a year. Lasting about 3 weeks of backwards movement, each retrograde (1) begins with the planet stopping (stationing retro), (2) then heading back over territory it just covered, (3) then stopping again (stationing direct), and (4) moving forward to the place or degree which marked the original station (in this case, 15 degrees of Taurus by June 1) where it continues its progress through the signs.

Some experience a sense of déjà vu, of having covered the same material or performed the same tasks recently. And that is the beauty of the retrograde—we get the opportunity to reflect, rethink, recognize, reconsider, redo, remember, rework, renew (are you getting the “re” aspect, here?) perhaps leading to a critical discovery or a different understanding. In other words, an opportunity to move from incomplete information or sometimes ignorance to knowledge or a critical discovery we missed on the first pass or consideration.

This year, Mercury retrograded in Capricorn (earth) in January, and now in Taurus (earth), then Virgo (earth) in mid-August. Next year, the retrogrades will occur in the fire signs (Sagitarius, Aries, Leo). During this current retrograde, Mercury (news, media, communication) will be conjunct Uranus (sudden change, freedom without compromise) in the sign of Taurus (financial systems, agriculture, geological occurrences). So hold on to your hats and be mindful and open to changes.

But Mercury is only the band marshal in this retrograde parade. On May 2nd, Pluto (might makes right, Power issues) which is currently in Aquarius (freedom, power to the people, new) at 0 degrees, will begin its backward steps into Capricorn (old, top-down structures, restrictions, control) to finalize the demolition of the old paradigm until January 2024. Then Saturn (structure, paternal, stability) will begin its retrograde mid-June in Pisces (vision, spirituality, higher consciousness; delusion, illusion) until the 4th of November. Jupiter retrogrades in September…and so it goes.

Remember, astrology is the sheet of music; we decide how it will be played.

PMAs and Your Relationship With Fear

Being controlled by fear is not freedom. So while freedom is an ideal that is almost universally attractive to every living being, the journey towards freedom is one that far fewer beings are willing to take.

Ultimately, freedom is an internal state which then becomes reflected in your outer reality.

It does not happen the other way around.

There are plenty of options for getting help creating a PMA that exist solely on the level of the physical.

If you have the right documents, if you’re citing the correct laws, if you have all of the supporting proof that you’re doing it “right,” that’s all you need…right?

Except that’s not what happens.

Because, for many, the fear will remain. And given enough time, that internal state will find new ways to express itself in the physical.

We have designed the FreedomWorks PMA Service to address the need for a much deeper level of transformation in a profound way.

Through the Visioning work that happens early in the PMA process, you will be given the opportunity and necessary support to align your Vision and actions with your highest truth. And to do it in a way where you can begin to shift, whatever it is that is your current internal state, into a fuller, clearer and more powerful expression of You.

What happens then? “Fear” is starved of the energy it needs to survive as your understanding of You and the Work you are here to do take center stage.

The questions to begin with are these:

  1. Do you want to move in the direction of freedom? Not just on paper, but within?
  2. Do you want to do your work in the world through a vehicle that is aligned with your internal Truth?

It doesn’t matter what your answers are to these questions. It only matters that you are honest with yourself about where you are at, right now, and what you want for yourself in the future. And that you take action in alignment with that truth.

What we provide at FreedomWorks is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those who don’t want to be challenged and encouraged, and inspired and empowered to grow.

For the right individual, the FreedomWorks PMA is just one way to step into a new expression of your work and initiate a deep and powerful internal transformation at the very same time.

Freedom is worthy of the price it commands.

For each of us, that price is different and is “paid” in different ways.

The good news is that the potential to take this journey is something we all hold within. It is there, just waiting to be activated for the benefit of all.

If you are ready to move forward creating a FreedomWorks PMA, you can submit your application here.


The FreedomWorks Team