How Do I Get Out of the “System”?
aka “Status Correction”

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Our growing team has almost 100 years experience collectively searching for the answer to this question. I could fill an entire file cabinet with all the paperwork I have mailed to various governmental offices in this quest over the last 25 years. We have first-hand experience working with many of the gurus and experts in this field, and have also worked with colleagues who have first-hand experience with many others. Members of our team were instrumental in the formation of one status correction process, working closely with a well known teacher that has appeared in several podcasts; I lived and worked side-by-side with him for several years.

Unfortunately, we have yet to see evidence that the recent process we engaged in, nor any of the others out there, have achieved a level of repeatable success that we would feel comfortable recommending to others… until now.

Be forewarned: many methodologies have landed people in jail or resulted in lawsuits, fines or judgments, and some just plain don’t work. Many of the experts were incarcerated. However, this is not to disparage them; for the most part they have contributed greatly to the foundational knowledge required to understand exactly how the system really works. They may have been 90% correct, but those last remaining pieces of the puzzle were their downfall.

The good news is our team is now in the process of reviewing and road-testing something that is new to us which seems to provide the final pieces of the puzzle! For the first time in a long time we are excited about the idea of status correction. What we have found applies to the US and the Crown Countries of Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and South Africa. It may apply to other countries as well but for now we will limit ourselves to these first six.

What Does It Actually Mean to “Get Out of the System”?

The answer depends on which teacher you talk to. We believe a different approach is needed; we believe an important step in anyone’s journey to get out of the System is defining and clarifying in practical and philosophical terms what this means to each individual. It can be one or more of the following:

  1. Freedom to pursue one’s profession without outside interference or control.
  2. Freedom from onerous codes and regulations (building, land use, etc.).
  3. Freedom from one’s assets being confiscated by the government or lawsuit.
  4. Freedom from prosecution for victimless crimes.
  5. Freedom from any external authority’s control over one’s children.
  6. Freedom from paying taxes, and/or having past tax debts cleared.
  7. Access to the funds created by the monetization of the “strawman”.
  8. Elimination and termination of each and every contract made with the “system”.

“Status Correction” is a term that has gone viral within the patriot community, and there are several definitions of what this term means depending on each particular teacher’s strategy. Our team has discovered that the definition of this term we ascribed to until very recently is not quite correct. Though we do believe in transitioning from a U.S. citizen to a state national, we no longer see this as the actual remedy we are seeking!  The same can be said about the declaration that we are a Living Man on the Land.

And the idea that we can change our status from a surety for the debt and enemy combatant of the United States to a solvent private civilian is based on conjecture and speculation that lacks a complete understanding of what the “strawman” is and how it operates; as the saying goes these beliefs are close but no cigar.

Additionally, one of the conjectures found in just about every status correction strategy states you must give up your driver license, insurance, credit cards, right to vote, and bank account; and you cannot ever use your SSN again. Is this truly freedom? According to this new information that has been dropped on our doorstep, correcting your true status does not necessitate giving any of these things up. For example, even though you are still protected when driving without a license, it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to rent a car or moving truck.

The Status Correction Primer Will Help Guide You to the Right Path to Freedom For YOU

This Primer prepares you for the journey ahead.  It includes the history of how we all lost our freedom and got ensnared into the System, the pitfalls and traps along the way back towards freedom, what does NOT work, and anything else deemed useful for this journey we will take together. The path to freedom over the last 40 years has resulted in many casualties along the way due to the various misconceptions in the patriot mythology that is plaguing the internet. We will provide the knowledge and wisdom to avoid becoming one of those casualties, and to achieve the true remedy most are seeking.

Last but not least: while true Status Correction provides the most powerful and beneficial remedies for court cases, tax debts, medical bills, student debts, credit card debts, mortgages, utility bills and other loans, it will take extensive study and time, as well as the wisdom to apply the knowledge effectively, in order to be able to apply these remedies yourself.  We do have a remedy through colleagues which does not require any status correction for yourself.  Our colleagues have a long standing record of success with discharging debts such as IRS bills, FTB bills, student loans, medical bills, and credit cards.  This is not a debt relief program, this results in the set-off and discharge of the actual debts. If you have a court case that needs attention, though the process is more complex in the end it’s set-off and discharged just like any other debt/charge.  Third party debt collectors can be easily handled by yourself with the proper knowledge and training.  If you would like to know more, and am already a FreedomWorks member, visit out Financial Freedom page.  Otherwise, you must first become a member of FreedomWorks.


Several years age, around 2019, I found myself owing $65,000 thousand dollars to the Internal Revenue Service and $14,000 thousand dollars to the Franchise Tax Board due to an unscrupulous man I invested with.

Through a series of synchronistic events I was introduced to the law of Equity and after a brief explanation of the power of equity and the stress of these huge payments, I decided to jump into this new idea I was introduced to. I figured I had nothing more to lose and more to gain.

My tax bill was escalating due to my ”frozen” state of mind and inaction, not knowing HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO PAY?  Several years went by, so now the federal tax due was $75,000 thousand dollars. Eventually the FTB went into my bank account and withdrew their claim of $14,000 dollars from my savings account without any notice.

However, through my perseverance and faith in equity and those “learned in the Law” who helped me, about a year later I received a check from the FTB for $14,000… out of the blue. The Federal Taxes are systematically being discharged and on the statements that I now receive there are no threats or charges. Through the equity process it is apparent that all the accounting of the debt will be reconciled, accounts closed and debt extinguished.

If you find yourself in a similar situation regarding debts or other contractual obligations, I encourage you to take a close look at the Law of Equity. How and why it works is gradually clarifying in my mind… it is a process of relearning and clearing out old beliefs and fears from my mind as new truths take root. The leap of faith I took, based on the opinion and promptings of a trusted friend have brought me considerable peace of mind.

Joanne M.

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