FreedomWorks Community Update 15

The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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Inside This Issue:

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Community 1.5

Here are more examples of communities to stimulate your thinking and clarity around the community you mean to create. This is part of a first step in Strategizing a part of your Mission.

Mary Jane Butters created a community based on lifestyle – women who identify with a farming and natural life; using real cotton, sewing, having chickens, dairy cows, aprons, trading recipes and stories, glamping, romanticizing. Employs family (instead of outside advertising agencies); bought flour mill. Magazine encourages sharing among community and expands it.

Josh & Erin – renovated a cabin to provide a place for visitors to spend time in their local West Virginia town; then, they took over a dilapidated main street building and began transforming it into a café for visitors and locals to gather.

Jessica and Miah with partners from Murray McMurray Hatchery are renovating a former hardware store and several surrounding buildings to create South Carolina Mercantile, a coffee and teahouse to bring the community together. They’ll also use these spaces to host classes and community events.

“Framily” in Arkansas is a community of support built on two related families (brother and sister and each of their marriage partners and children) plus nearby unrelated family/friends who help each other build their homes, celebrate birthdays and holidays, share equipment, trade animals, share play spaces for the kids. Not an intentional community, more like a geographical association or neighborhood.

Jill Winger and Christian bought the old soda fountain in their 200+ member town in Wyoming to reinvigorate the area—its economy, gathering place opportunities, and community spirit. “We Bought a 107-year old Soda Fountain in Chugwater WY (202 population).”

Nicole from Flower Hill Farm in Boonville NY and husband Brad purchased abandoned Nursery, refurbished it (with the help of family and friends), and recently held a Grand Re-opening to serve the community with the flowers and veggies and plants the town had so missed.

CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) allow farmers to receive member donations in advance of a season in order to procure seed, propagate plants, prep soil, hire farm staff, purchase equipment, etc. long before harvesting can occur. Serves the purpose of all who participate sharing in the costs including losses due to weather issues or other natural disasters while later receiving the benefits of produce or meat.

Rory Feek expanded his farm to include a performance space to bring together musicians and listeners, a school to integrate children with special needs with those from all walks of life, food grown on his property to support the school.

And then there are the intentional communities of Amish and Mennonites.

This is obviously not a complete list. It’s only meant to inspire and raise the spirit of “if someone else has been able to do it, so can I.”

As Above, So Below – Heart Throb

Venus enters Leo (thus, 0 degrees) on June 5th and will oppose Pluto in Aquarius (0 degrees) for the first time in our lives. The sign of Leo represents the physical Heart, Venus the planet is about Love as the state of being, and Pluto creates the space for transformation (often through death of the old pattern) particularly through Aquarian freedom.

Let us remember that “relationship” is not only how we interact and perhaps bond with others but also refers to the relationship with oneself. Have you ever tried inserting yourself in the love lyrics of a song (replacing the external “lover”) or even referencing Source? It puts a whole new spin on the outward expression (and often longing) towards another and allows us to embrace that loving feeling within. We are provided the opportunity and time to examine our loving being until October as Venus will be in Leo for 5 months due to its retrograde in July.

Masculine Mars preceded Venus into Leo thus championing the path and sparking the energy. The two planets will not experience an exact (same degree) conjunction but nonetheless, will be conjoined more widely through June. In Tarot, this is often symbolized by the Two Lovers card. With the aspect to Pluto at the beginning of this journey (remember, both Venus and Pluto will be at 0 degrees = choice point), one might experience a sort of death of the old state of love then the transformation (phoenix) and choice of something new.

Here’s something we can do to further utilize the energies at this time. Speak the mantra…

“I am welcoming an expanded consciousness of Love.”

“I LOVE it when _________________________________.”

Then broadcast out to the world the frequencies you are creating through the words you have just spoken.

This song clearly depicts what is found in the astrology, namely relationships are not just about another person, but also about a love relationship with oneself, one’s soul, the divine, Source, God… In the Presence Of

WTF is the WEF Doing?

What I am about to share seems so crazy I must preface it by saying this is NOT a joke. These articles prove there is a serious threat against the values and health of all freedom loving people. I implore you to not only read these articles in full, but share them far and wide.

John Kerry: Farmers Must Stop Growing Food to Meet ‘Net Zero’ Goals for ‘Emissions’. “Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders’ “lives depend” on farmers ceasing their operations.” Notice he is only concerned with the world leaders, and not the rest of humanity.

The Irish government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet climate targets. “Dutch and Irish politicians have failed to recognize that regenerative farming techniques allow livestock farmers to help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil.”

‘Emotion and pain’ as Dutch farmers fight back against huge cuts to livestock. Again on the false pretext that farming is causing a climate crisis, the Netherlands wants to reduce livestock by 30%; only asking farmers to reduce their “emissions” but not other industries. “This is the only country in the world where manure is regarded as a waste product instead of a valuable source of nutrients and soil health.”

In case you have not heard this yet, the institutions promulgating such madness are the global elitists, such as the World Economic Forum. They are not hiding in the shadows anymore, they have stated very publicly their goals, which includes “You will own nothing and be happy“, the masses will be eating insects and mealworms or lab-grown meat (which is actually 25 times worse for the climate than beef), and that humans will be trackable and “hackable” just like a computer or phone via nano-tech and brain chips.

These globalists call their plan “The Great Reset”, which can be summed up in this short seven minute video in which you will hear Yuval Noah Harari (lead advisor to Klaus Schwab and the WEF) say very disturbing things such as “Free will is over” and that the COVID crisis is what allows them to push “surveillance under the skin”. (Skip past the ad for Chillwell that shows at the beginning of this video, this company has a terrible rating by the BBB.)

Did you know that a patent application for a system to test for COVID-19 was filed in 2015? Or that the COVID virus contains DNA which is a 100% match for a sequence patented by Moderna in 2016? This and many more horrid details of the globalists’ plan are outlined in a timeline shown as you scroll down this page. Please note the video at the top of this page is the one mentioned in the previous paragraph.

More on this subject will be forthcoming in future newsletters, such as how this connects with John F. Kennedy and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Decoding mRNA in Meat: Essential Insights and Unleashing the Secrets to Budget-Free Meat Marketing

Melissa K. Norris, who is well-known in the homesteading community, talks to Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm (the self-proclaimed “Christian, libertarian, environmentalist, capitalist, lunatic farmer” we featured in our newsletter of 3/25/23) about mRNA in meat–when did it start being given to meat animals, how do we know if it’s in the meat we’re eating, how to find unadulterated meat?

Whether you are growing animals for personal consumption or market or just concerned about sourcing non-contaminated meat, this podcast will provide some good information.

Is It Legal?

The Matrix system is an insidious cancer created to co-opt the life force of humanity. The good news is that the nature of the Matrix doesn’t change the inherent nature of humanity.

Humanity is powerful. YOU are powerful.

The Matrix training creates the illusion that humans are weak by raising them to believe it’s normal to give their power away so that pieces of it can be offered back to them as a reward for “acceptable” behavior:

  • This is what the fiat money system is for.
  • This is what the medical system is for.
  • This is what the legal system is for.

In the Matrix legal system, virtually everything is illegal EXCEPT that which is permitted by license.

  • You need a license to drive…
  • You need a license to practice medicine…
  • You need a license to cut someone’s hair…
  • You need a license for your kids to sell lemonade to neighbors…

When you raise a child within this mind prison, he uses his own life force to strengthen its bars by developing the habit of waiting or asking for permission before doing a thing.

“Is it OK if I do this?” he asks his not so benevolent rulers, requesting permission to be himself. It’s not surprising that one of the questions we get most often about our work at FreedomWorks, where we help people move their livelihood into the protected jurisdiction of a Private Membership Association, is this:

Is it legal?

In order for it to be “legal,” that would mean the very system we are separating from would have to grant explicit permission, via its codes and statutes, for this action to be permitted within its system, within its own jurisdiction.

If you’re a Matrix controller, that would be a dumb move. Why would you grant explicit permission for your prisoners to step out of their prison? If it were “legal,” a Private Membership Association would be worthless, because it would be within the jurisdiction and under control of the very Matrix it makes irrelevant.

So is it illegal then?

This would be like a McDonald’s employ asking if it’s a problem to wear brown pants on Thursday even though Walmart’s corporate bylaws explicitly state that is not allowed. Walmart’s rules have no power over employees of McDonald’s. These are two different jurisdictions. That’s common sense. And so it is with the legal system and the power it has over activities that exist OUTSIDE of that system.

It has no power there. And that’s the point. What people really mean when they ask the “is it legal” question is: Will I get in trouble?

That’s because their conditioning has made that THE logical question to ask. Humans have been trained to only do that which is permitted. They have adopted that standard as the wall of their prison. What someone ELSE says they may do, they can do.

The first step on the PMA journey is to get very clear about who you actually believe is in control of you: Do you want to be a slave or do you want to be free?

It doesn’t matter what you say with your words, the truth is shown in your actions. You can either act free or you can act like you are owned. We each have the power to make the best choice for us.

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