FreedomWorks Community Update 14

The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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Inside This Issue:

What NOT to Say When You Get Pulled Over

Most people in the “freedom” movement want answers to such practical matters as “How do I handle a traffic stop?” The last thing you want to do is challenge the officer on constitutional grounds, religious beliefs, or claims of sovereignty. The topic in the headline above is explained in a video by a lawyer whose channel is about protecting your rights and handling this and other situations in the best possible way. Once you watch this video other ones from his channel should start appearing in your feed; I found myself watching several in a row.

There are some other more out-of-the-box ways to handle such topics as dealing with code enforcers and other public officials, especially if one has been successful at changing his political status, but the vast majority of people don’t have the requisite knowledge and understanding to utilize these protocols.

One thing that anyone can employ if someone comes knocking on your door (without a search warrant of course), is to politely say please send me your request by mail with your wet-ink signature and I will gladly honor that request. The optimal strategy is to have a fence around your house, with a gate (locked is best), and a Private Property – No Trespassing sign.

If you do get a traffic ticket, a fine, some type of order to perform from any code enforcement officer or public official, or any other legal matter, feel free to set up a private consultation (use code CONSULT50 to save $100) to discuss the options for handling these.

As Above, So Below…and Beyond

The Sun is in a sign (Aries, Taurus, etc.) for approximately one month. As it entered Gemini 5/21, we now reference the time as Gemini season. Gemini is the first Air sign of the astrological cycle. It feels like life is faster (it’s ruler is the fleet-footed Mercury) and changing (mutable quality) as opposed to the Taurus energy which was more stable and sometimes seemed stagnant (fixed qualities). The Gemini glyph symbolizes the twins, essentially two or more choices, sides, options, ideas, plans.

You may have noted that articles we’ve been citing or people we’ve quoted, or communities we’ve mentioned seem to revolve around homesteading and farming. This is in large part because at this time, change and new paradigms are coming from the emphasis of Aquarian themes…revolution from the bottom up rather than top-down; what the People want rather than the centralized government or “Big” corps heralded by Pluto’s venture into Aquarius. There is also an emphasis on agriculture (Taurus) due to the cluster of planets in Taurus particularly Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) whose energy continues to spark Aquarian characteristics of freedom, independence.

Earthquakes, cyclones, and volcanic eruptions continue to grow in frequency and size/magnitude as Uranus moves through new territory (by degrees) in Taurus (Earth). Large earthquake in Panama Colombia M6.6 on 5/25; volcanic eruption in Mexico continues; earthquake activity in western Pacific.

June 3rd at 11:42 pm (ET) marks the Full Moon in Sagittarius. As all full moons high-Light the qualities of the sign occupied, this moon will focus on truth, honesty, natural law, justice, integrity, and belief systems. Sagittarius is also connected to optimism, idealism, and going beyond “what is” to find solutions.

Although we have monthly cycles generally characterized by conjunction of Sun and Moon or opposition of Sun and Moon, this upcoming Full Moon in Sag is a bit of an anomaly in that it is the same degree (13-14) as a phenomenon referred to as The Great Attractor (more discussion at another time). Suffice to say for now, this connection creates a massive portal through which we are drawn seemingly magnetically…a new place in space with different possibilities and perspectives.

So, when some of you say you don’t have vision, can’t see the “future,” it seems important to consider that it wasn’t until the ’90s that we began having an awareness of the Kuiper Belt Objects and the Ort Field. But they’ve always been there. And Phillip Sedgwick discovered The Great Attractor which has always been there. And the photon belt we’re currently in only happens about every 12,000 years but here we are, moving through it now. And, it has been suggested that all of these—-the Universe/Cosmos–are really not OUT there but inside of us, just as our Vision is within us. They all exist in the NOW.

Having Fun Breaking the Consensus Barrier

I have always loved science. As a kid I had a chemistry set and a microscope and built my own crystal radio set; I experimented with and improved upon the gadgets built in my 6 week introductory course in electronics. In college I studied astronomy, physics, microbiology, organic chemistry, physiological psychology, logic and philosophy. My college work-study program morphed into a full-time job in accounting after my daughter was born; this is when I got my first glimpse into the scenes behind scientific research. My conclusion then was the search for truth was frequently eclipsed by the search for grant funding.

Decades later, it has become apparent that the biggest hurdle to scientific discovery is the establishment scientists themselves. For example, after a Scripps Research Institute virologist sent an email to Fauci saying the virus could very well be man-made, three days later he reversed his stance and soon after Fauci rewarded him with a $9 million grant. This extends to many fields of scientific research, which is expounded upon in a very entertaining way by one of my favorite YouTube channels. I look forward to what this channel puts out each week. He started by taking a deep dive into urban legends and “conspiracy” theories in a truly objective manner without having an ax to grind. He does a good job portraying the stories as if they were true, and then examines all the available evidence to see what is corroborated or invalidated. He is now covering many other topics of interest, mostly suggestions from his subscribers. And he does this in a very humorous and enjoyable way; I actually laugh out loud during his presentations. The particular video I mentioned above is both amusing and very informative regarding the topic of scientific consensus; don’t judge it by the title. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Prenatal Marijuana Use Results in Babies With Lower Weight and Smaller Heads

In an article by Epoch Times reporter Naveen Athrappully, results from several studies are presented that correlate the use of marijuana by women during pregnancy with several natal issues including lower birth weights, smaller head sizes, “adverse pregnancy outcomes related to the placenta,” like stillbirths, poor fetal growth, and a greater risk of developing high blood pressure during pregnancy.

“With legalization has come increased perception of safety, and research has revealed that many dispensaries have recommended marijuana to pregnant women to ease symptoms of pregnancy, especially morning sickness,” the May 16 study, published at the “Frontiers in Pediatrics” said.

Buy a Fish or Learn to Fish

There are generally two types of organizations that provide offerings to create Private Membership Associations.

There are organizations that sell you a “fish” and there are organizations that teach you to “fish.”

At FreedomWorks, we teach Members to “fish.” That means, we help you create a Private Membership Association (actually an entire Private Mission Society) and also walk with you as you acquire the education, understanding and practical knowledge required to manage that out in the world.

This is a slower, more challenging but ultimately more valuable and rewarding journey because it is an expression that increases your freedom over time.

But it’s a journey that not everyone wants to take.

At FreedomWorks, we believe that “the ultimate path to freedom begins from within each of us before expanding out to the world and beyond.”

So that means our entire organization is structured, not to breed dependence, but to foster independence within the midst of a strong and vibrant community.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

If you are ready to move forward creating a FreedomWorks PMA, you can submit your application here.


The FreedomWorks Team