FreedomWorks Community Update 18

The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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Inside This Issue:

This Week’s Infiltration Revelations

This has been an historic week! The revelations pouring out into the public awareness have been difficult to keep up with. The evidence regarding just how deep the infiltration has progressed since JFK’s 1961 speech, which started as a trickle, is now quickly evolving towards a tidal wave. This week we will be offering examples of this infiltration, and next week we will start providing solutions and actions we can all take to ensure our freedom.

Let’s start with the report and congressional testimony of special prosecutor John Durham. No matter your political persuasion, no matter who you voted for, the facts presented by Durham show just how powerful the deep state has become and I would think should be concerning to all Americans. Now all of America is being exposed to what the independent journalists have been uncovering. The Steele dossier, the “Moscow hotel pee tape”, and the Alpha Bank allegations were all completely fictitious. The FBI fabricated and falsified evidence to obtain FISA warrants. The entire campaign to create a scandal tying Trump to the Russians was a hoax, fabricated and funded by the Clinton campaign, and personally approved by Hillary Clinton. John Brennan, then CIA Director, knew this was all a hoax, and informed both Obama and Biden. Adam Schiff lied about all the evidence he claimed to have proving Russia collusion. The DOJ, FBI and White House all ignored mounds of exculpatory evidence, and participated in this hoax.

This helps prove that the mainstream media and the so-called “fact checkers”, instead of doing actual journalism, are merely reading from teleprompters controlled by the CIA and deep state; a Pulitzer Prize was awarded for a story that had zero basis in facts; and big-tech media companies censored the independent investigators reporting the truth.

Also this week: an Undercover Video which Exposes BlackRock Recruiter Bragging About How Little It Takes to ‘Buy a Senator’. This recruiter says he decides people’s fates and describes how BlackRock controls varied world pressure points in government, business, and media. Blackrock and Vanguard own both Big Media and Big Pharma.

Speaking of Big Pharma, this week also saw the release of new FOIA documents revealing a smoking gun: COV*D Was Created at Wuhan Lab, Escaped From ‘Gain of Function’ Research – And Was Financed by US Taxpayer Money! In addition, Dr. Peter Hotez, who’s become a household name for his staunch and unrelenting promotion of mRNA vaccines, has been entangled in a funding web linked to controversial Chinese military scientists at Wuhan. Hotez has been offered more than $2.6 million to the charity of his choice to debate the vaccine issue with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Joe Rogan’s podcast, but refuses. Hotez has a history of false predictions and contradicts himself time and time again, as shown in this short video.

Last but certainly not least, in the latest Hunter Biden saga, this week (1) more whistleblowers are coming forward, this time claiming the DOJ tipped off Biden before a search was to be conducted, and were actively interfering with IRS investigations, (2) a Former Federal Prosecutor Reveals DOJ Is Violating Its Own Policies with Hunter Biden Plea Deal, and (3) all the Democrats in the Congressional Ways and Means Committee voted to NOT release whistleblower testimony on the Biden administration’s handling of a federal investigation into the president’s son Hunter Biden. BTW, in case you haven’t heard, the FBI confirmed the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop in November of 2019 by matching the device number against Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID; the contents of this laptop confirm 459 violations of state and federal laws committed by the Biden family & their business associates, including 140 business crimes, 191 sex offenses, and 128 drug crimes, as fully documented in the Marco Polo report. So Joe Biden and 51 intelligence officers, as well as the mainstream media, fact-checkers, and big-tech media censors, who all claimed the laptop appeared to be Russian misinformation, were lying.

If there is anything along these lines that you haven’t had the time or opportunity to fully investigate yourself, and would like us to dig into, feel free to ask.

As Above, So Below – Flow

“We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” -Joseph Campbell

We entered Cancer season through the energetic portal of the Summer Solstice (Sol=Sun; stice=standstill). We can bring this supportive energy into our solar plexus for our own Soul’s/Sol purpose.

Ask: What is giving me life/light to inspire me to live on this planet now? (Clue: look to your Vision Statement.)

Mercury moves into Cancer 6/26 for a brief 2-week gallop through that sign. Mercury’s information will be more intuitive as Cancer is a water sign. Probably wise to think twice before saying the first thing that comes to mind. With Mars in Leo where one can roar loudly when power or leadership is challenged, squaring Uranus (squares=intensity, pressure), we want to be mindful of the impulsive tantrum both in ourselves as well as in others, and hence another reason to bite one’s tongue (the opposite of shoot first, ask questions later).

The current Cancer emphasis can also remind us of the mothering instinct which in detriment, can be defensive. This is where we focus on the water aspect and go with the flow. We can be receptive, neutral, and just Be.

Thinking about Mother Earth…perhaps even more so as we use the energies of Cancer, we can consider that perhaps Mother Earth is not a thing as much as it is a command to us…mother Earth.

8 Forms of Capital (Plus a Bonus 9th)

One of the FreedomWorks Mission Statements include: Provide the tools, resources, and processes which enable Members to be liberated from limitations and controls imposed by internal and external sources and thus achieve physical, emotional, mental, and financial freedom.

In support of this statement, we’re sharing The 8 Forms of Capital (plus a bonus 9th form) to disrupt the mindset that might be constricting financial abundance, preventing some of you from even starting to manifest your mission, and limiting access to your self-value and self-worth.

After watching a movie about JM Fortier’s 1.5 acre market farm in Quebec where he made $150,000 yearly, used no big equipment, and applied French intensive methods, I enthusiastically searched “market farming” and found Curtis Stone—The Urban Farmer in Kelowna British Columbia who utilized other people’s yards to leverage his growing space and provided a Green City CSA share to each landowner in exchange for use of the land. Curtis, too used no heavy equipment, pedaled to growing sites with a trailer/cart (much like our fellow member Jason Teller featured in an earlier FWCU), and grew intensively.

Curtis recorded podcasts not only about how to grow (book: The Urban Farmer), but also best practices and philosophies for being successful. He has since put more of his ideas into practice turning away from the market garden business to creating a community of families working together to provide their own food, and in his most recent endeavor to leave the matrix via development of an off-grid compound beyond the confines of city living. He has called himself entrepreneur, libertarian (but no longer), and studied many of the processes of status correction.

One topic he covered was the 8 Forms of Capital that comprise Real Wealth. (I have since added a 9th item.) These include:

  1. Financial
  2. Material
  3. Social
  4. Natural
  5. Experiential
  6. Intellectual
  7. Spiritual
  8. Cultural
  9. Time

While #1 and #2 are what financial institutions consider one’s net worth (which they can control and lack resilience), 3-9 are higher values because they are HUMAN, can leverage #1 and #2, and are within our control. He sees Social (relationships, likeability, friends, family) as most important as these create a foundation of Trust through social cohesion…the backbone of capital. #5 and #6 are intrinsic as they can’t ever be taken away. Culture (traditions, art, music, languages, ceremony, shared myths, stories, songs) is an area where the US excels in fusing these pooled cultures to create something more. For fuller explanations use the links below.

Seeing Through the “Promise” of the Matrix

One of the common questions we get from business owners looking to create a PMA is some variation of this:

“What happens if I get in trouble?”

This question generally comes as a result of what you might call, the “implied” promise of the Matrix. The implication is that if you follow all of the codes and statutes as set out by the controllers, you won’t have any trouble.

You won’t be singled out. You won’t be hassled. You won’t get in trouble. You won’t be charged with fines… or worse.

While the illusion of this promise held strong for decades, the past few years have shown the world just how weak it is.

As codes and statutes are easily changed by the Matrix controllers, the terms of the “implied promise” are becoming increasingly stringent.

As a result, more and more people are discovering the promise was never true, but only used to produce compliance without the threat of physical violence that is usually required to do it.

Should you share some version of the “what will happen if I get into trouble?” question when considering creating a Private Membership Association, know that the true answer to the question has less to do with successfully navigating the world of law and much more to do with closely analyzing the internal programming that would make such a question so important to answer.

Where does freedom exist? Does someone grant it to you? Do you claim it? Is freedom only available if “they” say it’s OK? Who gets to decide the answers to these questions?

The short answer is you do. The long answer is that the short answer won’t matter until you’re able to FEEL that it is actually true.

Embodying this feeling is the purpose of the very first step of the work we do with new members.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.


The FreedomWorks Team