FreedomWorks Community Update 19

The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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Inside This Issue:

As Above, So Below – Super Full Moon

“We all shine on…like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun.” -John Lennon

Just in time to light up the sky before the Independence Day fireworks, a Super Full Moon in Capricorn will occur on July 3rd at 7:38 am ET, 4:38 am PT. We’ve spoken of Super Full Moons before, but just as a refresher, the “super” refers to the closeness of the Moon to the Earth, hence it appears larger and the light it is reflecting to us from the Sun seems to be brighter.

Now before you utter “Another focus on the Moon? Haven’t we heard enough?” with its proximity to the Earth and its movement through all of the signs in a single month, the Moon quickly aspects all of the other planets and briefly touches all of the signs reflecting these energy qualities to us, particularly through the lens of the qualities it presumably embodies…emotion/need.

With the Moon at 11 degrees in the Earth sign of Capricorn, Jupiter is trining the Moon and adding its expansiveness to the seismic activity potential. Capricorn’s more shadow qualities relate to government, control issues, old paradigms, top-down structures that have held power over us and which seem relatively negative; but it also signifies building, integrity, self-responsibility. The Jupiter (resources) trine Moon (needs) and could also bring you resources essential to your project/Mission.

Meanwhile, the Sun and Mercury will be conjunct in Cancer whilst forming the opposition (as always with a Full Moon) to Moon in Capricorn. So not only are Capricorn themes emphasized, but also Cancer ones such as home, mother, emotions. Also, this could be a check in on what we said (Mercury) we wanted to do or commit to back in January (Sun was in Capricorn).

Pluto’s (death and rebirth) return into Capricorn is another opportunity for life evaluation. There may be endings in living situations, jobs, belief systems all of which can create the space for other possibilities. It is vital that we focus on whether we feel we are falling into victim mode or moving forward into empowered co-creation.

A bit more cosmically, Neptune (27 degrees Pisces) continues to be square to the Galactic Center (27 degrees of Sagittarius…until 2025) brilliant time to further affirm visioning and use our imagination. Frequency matches create more interconnectedness to the Cosmos and other living beings.

“It’s a marvelous night for a moon dance.” -Van Morrison

Access Denied

“Truth really does make us free.” Mark Phillips

Cathy O’Brien, MK Ultra Mind Control Survivor (see, previously has discussed the violence, abuse, and torture she experienced while being used by various government and New World Order leaders. In this most recent interview from 6/26/23, she reveals some of the activities she witnessed. Her book Access Denied for Reasons of National Security talks about how “they classify everything so they can always play that card allowing for a cover-up.” She links this rationale used in the 1990’s to hide information regarding many activities and accusations by today’s same actors. Think classified files.

She talks about reporter Danny Casolaro, who she described as “the Seth Rich of his time”, and the information he was about to reveal about the Octopus before he was “suicided.”*

In this new video, Mel K and Cathy discuss the mind control of the masses that started with the JFK assassination, continued with 9/11, and most recently, the pandemic.

Last week we spoke about actions we can take to rise above the din of the infiltration and ensure our ever expanding freedom. As just a start, in this video Cathy also speaks of the internal process we all need to perform to see what’s in front of us and formulate solutions. “It’s hard to face the truth but as we do, we take an evolutionary leap.”

That Cathy could have a positive outlook about what else is possible is a testament to the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. I hope you’ll make the time to listen.


*Dark Journalist and Dr. Joseph Farrell take a deeper dive into the Casolaro story

Mandates Without Representation

In The Highwire’s most recent episode #326 Systemic Failure, Aaron Siri who heads the ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) legal team, speaks about his testimony given to the Arizona State Senate’s Novel Covid South Western Intergovernmental Committee. The committee is tasked with the responsibility to address the challenges and lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and charting the path forward. Aaron turned the tables on the topics he was asked to discuss and instead presented a very clear, cogent explanation of the 1986 decision that eliminated Big Pharma liability for vaccine harm, turned FDA into a purchasing body as well as a marketing arm of Pharma, and then tampered with our Constitutional rights through government mandates issued by the very agencies most likely to financially benefit from these mandates.

No conspiracy, but lots of charts, copies of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, agency responses or lack thereof, testimonies from and depositions of conflict of interest experts, and all while providing proof of misconduct and more. Very compelling and thought provoking.

This is something to watch, take notes about, and share with others.

“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right…and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers.” -John Adams

“We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident…”

In this dramatic reading of The Declaration of Independence by Max McLean (a Panamanian-born American stage actor, writer, and producer) we have an opportunity to hear the profound, intense seriousness with which they sought to make freedom manifest in a new nation.

The Declaration, the words of which appear on the screen, is followed with a listing of the 56 Signers by colony/state.

Thomas Jefferson composed the original draft of the document, which congress would edit to produce the final version. The Declaration was ultimately a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2 to declare independence from Great Britain, more than a year after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War.

The reading is enhanced by music from composer Hans Zimmer whose credits include scores for movies such as As Good As It Gets, The Lion King, Preacher’s Wife, Mission Impossible 2, A League of Their Own, Rain Man, Pirates of the Carribbean, Last Samurai, and many more. Also, James Horner’s “After Antietnam” from the movie soundtrack “Glory” is heard; both are very moving accompaniments to the Declaration’s words.

We celebrate Independence Day on July 4, the day Congress approved the wording of the Declaration.

So, invite family and friends to listen; offer to schools and churches to play, share this foundational document far and wide. Use it to start discussions; study it; understand the courageous action of putting forth such a declaration.


John Williams conducting The Boston Pops on 7/4/87. Performance concludes with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture (you know, the one with church bells and cannons and fireworks at the end), and a rowdy encore of Stars and Stripes.

Ripping Up the Declaration of Dependence

In the U.S. this week, we celebrate our independence as a nation. While this might be considered the “land of the free” on paper, if you look around, it’s easy to see that plenty of people here are NOT “free.”

Dependence is everywhere, because that’s how we’ve been trained.

Until we are able to be WHOLE on our own, only then can we truly bring value to other’s lives. But the training most of us have received is not designed to produce humans like that. The training most of us receive is designed to breed dependence… in body, mind and spirit.

Here are just a few of the customary teachings:

  • We are taught we need a job…
  • We are taught we need a “good” education…
  • We are taught we need a “degree…”
  • We are taught we need to follow the rules (someone else’s rules)…
  • We are taught we need permission…
  • We are taught we need approval…

The common thread is that we are trained to live life from a place of need. We are trained to live life dependent on something outside ourselves. These are the lessons that are taught.

Accepting these lessons is basically like drafting your own Declaration of Dependence.

Perhaps the time has come to rip up this Declaration of Dependence and declare yourself an independent and free living being.

Your life is not meant to be a tool for someone else. Your life is a gift for you to use to enrich yourself and the rest of the world. You don’t “need” anything or anyone to get started. No permission, no approval, no validation. Nothing.

This doesn’t mean we can’t help each other. Helping is not dependence. Dependence is a state of mind. That state of mind has been programmed into most of us on purpose.

At FreedomWorks, we are helping to usher in a world where that programming is no longer tolerated. Whether you are considering moving your livelihood into a Private Membership Association or simply resonate with our larger mission, you play an important role in creating the New Earth.


The FreedomWorks Team