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Inside This Issue:

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

Free-Speech Victory

On Independence Day, July 4, a federal judge in the historic Missouri V. Biden case condemned the Biden administration’s collusion with Big Tech companies to suppress free speech and issued a temporary order blocking the federal government from engaging in such efforts. This verifies the revelations published in the various “Twitter Files” dumps, including that 99% of the censorship was targeting “conservative” speech. True information was being censored; it was not about “misinformation” it was about anything that disagreed with the Biden administration narrative, and when you take a deep dive into the ruling you will see this even included the removal of parody accounts!

Mainstream media, the voice of the globalists, is of course bemoaning this ruling. The Washington Post warns “The Trump-appointed judge’s move could upend years of efforts to enhance coordination between the government and social media companies”. The arguments defending this coordination should be an embarrassment to the author of the article.

The Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution) do not specify rights that are granted to us through the Constitution (which would make them privileges instead of rights). Instead, these are rights we have been endowed with by our Creator, and the Constitution only recognizes these rights. The Supreme Court has ruled that any law that goes against the Constitution is null and void. Every government office holder swears an oath to defend the Constitution, and yet we have been inundated the last few years with executive orders and laws passed by these supposed defenders of the Constitution which have been declared unconstitutional. Vaccine mandates, lockdowns, eviction moratorium, student debt cancellation, 2nd Amendment restrictions…

I must be getting old; I remember when people that called themselves liberals were anti-war and believed in free speech.

– Stephen

The Hills Are Alive With the Sounds of…Soil???

(Note: Though in my head I immediately hear Julie Andrews, this is not about music we hear above ground.)

You may have heard of tree ears. No? These are a type of mushroom, usually found dried in stores, which are used in Chinese food. As a kid, I used to go up to trees (redwoods are my favorite) and deeply inhale their fragrance. Vanilla was my olfactory response. I also did something I called using my tree ears which is where I would press my ear to a tree and listen to its resonance sometimes from the swaying limbs in a breeze, often from the sound of sap moving through the trunk. Although it was exciting, I mostly experienced a sense of peace.

Of course, trees love to hear our stories, particularly those where we are the butt of a joke. So, I guess it’s a two-way street, so to speak.

And now, there are those who are studying the music of soil to discover what these sounds can tell us about the health and makeup of the world beneath our feet.

From the article:

  • Researchers are discovering that listening to the soil can be a way to understand biodiversity below ground without having to overturn every bit of the land.
  • Studies have shown that soils of restored forest areas have both more complex sounds and more critters than soils of degraded sites.
  • Soils of intensively managed agricultural lands also appear to be quieter, indicating that soil sounds could be a proxy for soil health.
  • Some researchers are also using sounds to identify distinct species in the soil, which could open up lots of possibilities for both pest management and wildlife conservation.

Here are a couple of short videos allowing us to listen to an area of depleted soil as well as richly musical ones.

(I’m pretty sure one of our members, Jason Teller, could regale us from his own experiences with soil and trees. So, I pass the baton to you, sir.)

As Above, So Below – Freedom Warrior

Eris is, thus far, one of the largest Kuiper Belt planets. Though introduced in a previous FWCU, here’s a quick review from the astrological side: In Greek mythology, Eris was the sister of Mars (warrior) and known to be an uncompromising truth-teller and warrior for the people. She fought for the principles of justice, equality, social inclusion.

Currently, Eris is energetically bringing revelations and collapse to the old order while emulating the character of empowered co-creator. Henry Selzer, an astrologer for over 30 years, wrote the book The Tenth Planet which is about Eris. He remarked: “Eris signifies high-intensity mavericks who courageously strive against all odds to express and to act on their own unique view. The message of Eris for today’s culture is to articulate our deepest value and to take a stand for what we sincerely believe, no matter how potentially disruptive it is to the status quo.”

Astronomers Brown, Trujillo, and Rabinowitz simultaneously identified a star-like point of light in a series of three images taken over several hours on October 21, 2003. One revolution around the Sun takes more than 560 Earth years. Eris shines brighter than Pluto. In September 2005, a satellite with a 16-day orbit was discovered and now called Dysnomia (daughter of Eris). It is important to note that it is the astronomers who name a planet, not astrologers.

Presently Eris at 25 degrees of Aries is squaring the Sun in Cancer, is nearly conjoined with the upcoming (7/18) nodal axis shift of the North Node (our collective future) into Aries and thus opposed to the South Node (collective past/karma) as well as Haumea (fertility) in Libra; essentially, a T-square.

So, why talk about Eris now? Well, we have over the last few weeks, laid out the course of events through several articles beginning with Infiltration/Invasion and the implications for the impact on our freedoms, our lives, our children’s lives, our economy. And now, it is the time to DO SOMETHING. We have the Galactic energies at our back. Our Souls chose this time to be on Earth.

We have an upcoming 3-part series describing many levels of participation. You could run for school board, but you don’t have to. There are many many many opportunities to courageously embrace and uphold Freedom that have nothing to do with being arrested and going to jail.

We can do this! Let’s stand together!

Liberty and the Divine

In a poignant, sometimes humorous, other times dramatically emphatic speech to PERK (Protection of Educational Rights of Kids), Del Bigtree “gave a presentation exposing the real pandemic, a pandemic of lies surrounding vaccine safety and policy in the U.S. which The HighWire and ICAN have been investigating since its founding. COVID may have opened your eyes, but this talk, given in California at a fundraiser for the group PERK, and now being presented to you, will help you learn why COVID was just the tip of the vaccine safety iceberg.”

Episode #327 Pandemic of Lies


“we will win a case that puts these people in prison”

“the truth is like a lion; let it loose and it will defend itself.”

“we have an erosion of confidence in medical expertise.”

“God has plans for all of us here.”

“going to sleep will most surely lead to our demise.”

“We were born for this moment. You chose to be a warrior for this time.” (Eris)

“STAND for Victory/Freedom/Truth and they will never be able to knock us back to our knees.”

Sound of Freedom

The box office winner this last weekend was Sound of Freedom, which is “The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers.” Tony Robbins is a personal friend of the real-life protagonist Tim Ballard, and in this interview he discusses the film, Tim’s story, as well as Tony’s experience when he joined Tim on one of his missions.

This movie beat out even the newly released Indiana Jones movie while playing on 40% fewer screens, and many are wondering why the media is ignoring this. The film was completed and ready to be released five years ago, but when Disney bought 21st Century Fox their first act was to shelve it.

Ask yourself, why does the mainstream media (as well as Disney) NOT want you to see this movie, which has a 99% Audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Why the determined effort to tag it as only appealing to “conspiracy nuts”?

Rolling Stone: “‘Sound of Freedom,’ the QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking, is designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

CNN: Movie On Sex Trafficking Is a ‘Moral Panic’ Meant To Appease QAnon

The father of former Disney CEO Bob Iger worked for Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father. Bob Iger named his son after Maxwell: Robert Maxwell Iger. Bob Iger appointed Richard Cook to chairman of Disney only three days after Cook flew on Epstein’s plane with two unidentified females in 2002. Epstein client, ex-Senator George Mitchell, identified by Virginia Roberts Guiffre as one of her abusers, helped promote Iger to Disney CEO two years later. A few years ago a video was released showing Amy Robach’s frustrations that Disney-owned ABC Quashed her Jeffrey Epstein Story.

Is it possible these two stories are related? More to follow…


My Bass-Ackwards Journey to Freedom

In the interest of full disclosure, I (Jason) started my journey to freedom walking in exactly the wrong direction required to meet it.

I thought I had to get something (freedom) so I could have it. I didn’t realize I was already walking around with what I desired and that the real work was to figure out how to express it.

My first attempts at the journey were a result of my training to use my power of creation to build my own prison. If you can be trained to project lack, you will perpetuate lack, you will see it around every corner, you will CREATE it as your future.

Back then, I lacked freedom and I wanted to get it. By embodying that vibration, I co-created a reality that matched.

Only when I first broke through the outer edges of the Matrix (quitting your job out of disgust with no other obvious way to provide for your family is an effective way to “break free,” although what followed could be described, by some, as a psychotic break!) did I realize how backwards my approach had been.

Humanity has been trained to believe they are an effect rather than a cause. The recipient rather than the source.

  • If you want freedom, it must come from you.
  • If you want independence, your being is the place from which it will flow.
  • If you want the life you dream about, your heart is the place with everything required to make it real.

When you can look in the mirror and understand the magic that you hold for bringing forth whatever yearnings live in the depths of your being, only then will you embody the vibration that freedom is.

Freedom is a song. It is the song you have come to sing. You don’t need to “find” it, you simply need to be willing to allow the music to be heard.


The FreedomWorks Team

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