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The FreedomWorks Community Update is a complimentary information service for the entire FreedomWorks Community, including PMA Service Members and prospective members. It is our intention that you will take whatever information you find valuable on your journey. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel values freedom and wants to actively contribute to the creation of the New Earth.

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Inside This Issue:

“Come to Know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will be made clear to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest.” -The Nazarene

Knowledge is our defense against control and when we don’t look at truth it keeps us from taking action.

Sound of Freedom – Part 2

The movie Sound of Freedom (“The incredible true story of a former government agent turned vigilante who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue hundreds of children from sex traffickers”) has really stirred up the swamp.

Regarding the articles mentioned in last week’s newsletter by Rolling Stone, Washington Post and The Guardian, depicting Sound of Freedom as only appealing to “QAnon conspiracy” nuts: not only did the Rolling Stone Editor-In-Chief cover up child pornography charges against his buddy James Gordon Meek (an FBI Affidavit claims that Meek wrote to someone, “Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing” and Meek is also accused of sharing a video showing the rape of an infant girl), all of these lavished praise on the controversial Netflix movie Cuties, which depicts overly sexualized little girls twerking. Many of the Cuties audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes call it highly inappropriate and even child soft-porn. Why do the critics give Cuties an 85% score, but the audience only gives it 15%?

Why are these media outlets along with the rest of the legacy media trying to connect Sound of Freedom to “QAnon”? Thankfully there are still true journalists in the alternative media, and at least one has actually researched this claim and come to the conclusion that the true purpose for tying this movie to “QAnon” is to smear people that see it, to “to signal to its loyal reader base the issues about which they should speak and not speak… It allows the reader base to dismiss ‘The Sound of Freedom’ at the cocktail party. ‘I’m not going to see that QAnon trash,’ they can say and thereby be done with it.”

Also this week former FBI agent Marc Ruskin made it clear Child Sex Trafficking is Not a Conspiracy. As early as 2019 it was found that DNA tests reveal 30% of suspected fraudulent migrant families were unrelated, so it was not surprising that last April it was reported that the Department of Health and Human Services had lost track of 85,000 migrant children over the last two years. Tara Lee Rodas, HHS Whistleblower, provided testimony to Congress which details what she witnessed which lead her to state that “the US Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.”

Sound of Freedom is about child trafficking in Central and South America. Closer to home, over the last few years there have been several reports of child sex trafficking rings in the US being broken up, such as last summer’s report that a Massive Law Enforcement Operation Leads to the Rescue of 121 Trafficked and Missing Children, and a May 2022 article about Texas stating that Foster Kids Were Being Trafficked, Not Protected.

So what is really going on; what is the reason behind the legacy media’s push to delegitimize Sound of Freedom, why do they want people to NOT see this movie? Why has the DOJ Quietly Removed Child Sex Trafficking Information From Its Website this week, immediately after the release of this movie? Is this mere coincidence or a response?

As Above, So Below – Nodal Axis, Big Shifts

Any revelations from the Full Moon two weeks ago? Something you uncovered about yourself or heard/saw about your community or the planet? On the world stage, that Full Moon highlighted big shifts such as Supreme Court decisions, new evidence exposed, discoveries of secreted ballots, admissions about vaccinations, etc.

The New Moon in Cancer 7/17 is the energetic opportunity to delve into these revelations. Perhaps you want to take action but don’t know where to begin. A New Moon is the perfect starting point, a place and time to initiate, set intentions, sow seeds (literally and figuratively). Do something, even the simple process of writing down some ideas, sticking a toe in the water, going with the flow, nurturing your thoughts, feeling the emotions, attuning to the unconscious undercurrents (Cancer). Cancer is the one who gives birth, the portal from which we all come from, the mother of all mothers.

On 7/18, the Nodal Axis changes from the Taurus/Scorpio opposition that has set the tone for the past 18 years, to Aries/Libra which will be the signature for the next 18 years. According to astrologer Pam Gregory, the Nodal Axis is “A thread through the lifetimes of the Soul.”

These Nodes are not planetary bodies or bumps on the Moon. They are mathematical points of relationship between Sun, Moon, and Earth both at the time of our individual birth and also the ongoing transits through the signs that we all simultaneously experience. More specifically, the Moon’s nodes are the points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the plane of the ecliptic of the Earth.

The North Node (☊) and South Node ( ☋) of the Moon are points that are directly opposite each other. Together, they form the Nodal Axis.

According to online astrological encyclopedia AstroWiki, “The descending or south node [of the moon] is associated with the past…. The ascending or north node stands for the future or direction in which we can develop.” Most astrologers reference the transiting axis as our collective past (past lives, incarnation, karma) and collective future (“what else is possible”…New Earth, for example). The challenge is not to leave behind the South node but to achieve a balance between the two, whereby the experience gained at the South node can be used to further the development of themes represented by the North node.

So, what can we look forward to with this Aries/Libra Nodal Axis? Aries = initiation, courage, warrior, stepping into sovereignty, being a leader or hero in your own life (which has a ripple effect), pioneer, clear sense of self (not ego-centered but purpose-oriented). Libra = relationships, agreements, justice; and as the South Node this could mean old relationships falling away, moving out of the comfort zone of birth/blood family to a Soul Tribe or family of frequency, creating new agreements (a PMA?), community.

More on the Nodal Axis in the future as we move towards Eclipse (ecliptic) season. Oh, did I mention the Nodal Axis’ role in the eclipses?


Toxic Chocolate

Potential really bad news for chocolate lovers; many products contain toxic metals like lead and cadmium. Since 2014, As You Sow has been testing chocolate products offered for sale in California to assess levels of lead and cadmium in such products. “Based on the results of our testing, which found 285 of the 469 chocolate products tested contain lead and/or cadmium above California’s MADLs, we filed legal notices with over 20 companies, including Trader Joe’s, Hershey’s, Mondelēz, Lindt, Whole Foods, Kroger, Godiva, See’s Candies, Mars, Theo Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Ghirardelli, and Chocolove, for failing to warn consumers that their chocolate products contain cadmium or lead, or both.” Check the results for your favorites here.

CRISPR…It’s Not the Name of a New Potato Chip!

A discussion of CRISPR Technology was front and center during The Jaxen Report presented at the FreedomFest event in Memphis this week.

CRISPR, an acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, is essentially a technique by which genomes can be sliced and put back together or reconnected in a different sequence.

The bottom line…some scientists, though perhaps being well-intentioned, are embracing the philosophy that they can “fix” or “do it better than God.” They seem to be ignoring The Butterfly Effect. They aren’t considering how this type of technology might be affecting our genes, and how we might pass these defects to our offspring…for generations.

So, why should you be concerned? This procedure is being used to alter our food as well as our environment as in the mosquito trials in Florida and California which just began. By the way, Florida is now experiencing outbreaks of malaria the prevention of which was presumably the purpose of creating genome-altered mosquitoes.

As Del Bigtree declared, “we the People” are the empowered part of the Nation.” And, knowledge is our defense against mind control and government over-reach. Not looking at the truth keeps us from taking action and puts us in reactive defense where our choices and options are limited. Let’s get ahead of this conversation. For example: Make certain your local officials are not considering adopting the use of CRISPR-modified insects or filling school cafeterias with genome-spliced foods. Inform your members (many of you have a clear Mission to provide information). In other words, let’s TAKE ACTION!

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack. I now choose to begin to see myself as the Universe sees me — perfect, whole, and complete.” -Louise Hay

Engineered Blindness

One of the reasons the Matrix seems so pervasive and dominating, is because it is constructed to limit our vision of the possible to a pre-selected set of options.

Business “experts” will walk you through a detailed analysis to determine whether incorporating as an LLC, a PLLC, an S-Corp, a C-Corp or even a sole proprietorship is the “smartest” choice for your business.

No Matrix agent will ever suggest the possibility that none of those choices is appropriate and that you should pursue your goals via alternate methods.

Because of this engineered blindness, 99.9% of business owners believe the presented options ARE the only options available. The contraints of the Matrix are accepted without question. Along with that acceptance comes a long list of constraints on the expression of the INTENTION of the business owner.

While engineered blindness seems like a strong and impenetrable force, it is nothing of the sort. It is illusion. It is an illusion that can disappear with as little as a SINGLE thing that runs contrary to its narrative.

The Private Membership Association is one example.

I (Jason) discovered the existence of PMAs only after a full decade in business for myself. No Matrix agent ever mentioned this possibility, for obvious reasons! The brainwashers are brainwashed too!

But once you discover the set of choices put before you is only a limited and carefully curated selection of options, the journey to freedom really begins.

Because the natural question to ask once you move your livelihood into a PMA (really a Private Mission Society is what we build at FreedomWorks, which is quite a bit more comprehensive that a “PMA”) is this question:

What else have I been trained NOT to see?

And it is from this question that you develop the ability to first intuit and then visibly notice all of the options available to your being that you were trained to believe do not exist.

What you find is that virtually everything is available to you. And that the strongest and most “impenetrable” bars of your mind prison have been created by the manipulation of your own beliefs.

Once you see what else is possible, that will become your guiding question in everything.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

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