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Inside This Issue:

Connecting the Dots – Ukraine

Note: We understand we have been wading into territory that may seem disturbing. We just feel it is important to understand what is going on so we can all participate in solutions, even if that’s via intention, prayer, and maybe even spotting and reporting it. We provide links for anyone who wishes to dive deeper and ensure we aren’t making this stuff up, but we do try to put enough information so you don’t have to.

Donbass Insider reports on Organ trafficking, paedophile networks – The hell of children abducted by Ukraine. “When I began investigating the kidnapping of children in Artyomovsk by Ukraine, I had no idea of the extent to which I would uncover trafficking on an international scale and the sordid methods used to supply children to paedophile networks and organ traffickers… For those who think this is Russian disinformation, even the Ukrainian press and the Daily Mail have reported on this affair!”

And furthermore Donbass Insider reports “…some of the children abducted by Ukraine are sent to paedophile networks in Great Britain… This is hardly surprising when you remember that in recent years there have been several scandals involving networks exploiting children in Great Britain, and paedophiles in the British establishment (such as Sir Jimmy Savile, whose crimes were covered up for years). And in 2021, the UK’s National Crime Agency (the NCA) stated that there would be between 550,000 and 850,000 paedophiles in Britain! In other words, there’s no shortage of customers, including very high-ranking people, for the paedophile networks that kidnap children in Ukraine.” And let’s not forget Prince Andrew as more evidence piles up about his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls.

USAID also reports “Ukraine has been a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking since the early 1990s. Men, women, and children are trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and begging and sexual and other forms of exploitation… An estimated 46,000 Ukrainians were trafficked during 2019-2021.”

Organ trafficking is also prevalent in Ukraine as reported in The dark medical side of the Ukrainian conflict and Organ trafficking targets Ukrainians in financial plight in cases involving Tokyo NPO.

What else… I’ve (Stephen) spent a lot of time digging into the research by independent journalists. I have collected a plethora of links, but putting this all together for you would be too time-consuming. For now, I will summarize what I have learned. If you want the details, send us a request.

First the establishment media and US government claimed there were no biolabs in Ukraine, and Big Tech censored and banned anyone reporting about them. Then when the independent media proved there were biolabs, then the establishment said well, there are 46 of them, but they aren’t bioweapons labs, they are only used for peaceful purposes (so why didn’t they admit they existed in the first place!). The day after the very first strike by Russia, Zelensky ordered the destruction of all records at Hunter Biden owned Metabiota, which was studying bat coronaviruses as part of the USAID PREDICT program from 2014-2019, and received over $29 million in funding from the DOD. Hunter also secured funding for other labs via investment firm Rosemont Seneca. Russia and China have publicly accused Deep State actors and Big Pharma of manufacturing the COVID pandemic to take over the world, listing Obama, Clinton, Biden, and George Soros of being the main “Ideologists” behind the plot. They claim this is where COVID was actually created, and fear there will be more bioweapons forthcoming. Initial Russian strikes in Ukraine coincided with the location of these labs.

Wikipedia removed its entry for Rosemont Seneca because it could be “a magnet for conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.” In a related story, Wikipedia co-founder says site is now ‘propaganda’ for left-leaning ‘establishment‘ and cannot be trusted anymore.

Remember the FTX scandal, the failed cryptocurrency? Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US. So, billions of taxpayer funds sent to Ukraine were not used for the war or humanitarian efforts, instead Ukraine used them to purchase FTX cryptocurrency. FTX head Sam Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor (after Soros) to Biden and the Democrats. This is just one method of money laundering.

The US is supposedly in Ukraine to “protect democracy”. Zelensky outlawed Orthodox Christian churches, consolidated all TV platforms in Ukraine into one state broadcast, dissolved rival political parties, and cancelled elections. If this is the establishment’s definition of democracy, then guess what they have in mind for this country? In a related story, the New York Times is now saying let’s get rid of elections, as well as The Atlantic.

In a 2018 spending bill, Democrats specifically excluded funding to the Azov battalion (who play a key role in Ukraine’s resistance), calling them neo-Nazis. In 2019 forty Democratic House members signed a letter asking the State Department to designate the Azov Battalion as a terrorist organization. In 2016, Rep. John Conyers (D) warned against arming the “Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia, the Azov Battalion,” as he believed these “white supremacists and antisemitic” extremists would eventually use their weapons against their own people, similar to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. In 2018 Reuters published a commentary about Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem. And to top it off, the CIA admitted to training Nazi terror troops in Ukraine since 2015. And if you want to dig deeper, here is an article which claims to depict How Obama And Biden Installed Neo-Nazis In Ukraine.

But the establishment media and government shills claim there are no Nazis in Ukraine. In a related story, did you know that Nazi war criminals became high ranking commanders in NATO after WW2?

Last but not least – it wasn’t just the son of Joe Biden who was on the board of energy companies in Ukraine without having any expertise in this area, it was also sons of Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Mitt Romney. Yes of course it’s not just the Democrats who are corrupt and beholden to their global elite masters, it’s many Republicans too (which IMHO includes Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, the Cheney family, the Bush family, the McCain family) as well as the RNC.

So there has been $131 Billion allocated Ukraine so far while in America we have Maui fire victims granted a pittance ($700 per household), homeless and traumatized veterans, senior citizens who are now faced with choosing between food, medicine and rent due to inflation and a collapsing social security system, an incomplete wall on the border that’s allowing the flow of trafficked children and adults, MS-13 gang members, enough fentanyl to kill every man, women and child in this country, repeat sex-offenders and criminals… Immigration is fine, immigrants have been a boon to this country, they should just come through the front door and be vetted.

Now you know why they tried to impeach Donald Trump based on a fake phone call transcript fabricated by Adam Schiff – because Trump was looking into this corruption!

If Donald Trump Jr. owned a biolab in Ukraine and Russia accused them of creating bioweapons, it would garner 24 hour coverage in the establishment media.

How Is This Possible – Part 2

A few years ago, I (Stephen) happened to make the acquaintance of a well respected actor of both stage and screen, who has starred in some popular television series, including Emmy and Golden Globe winners, as well as many well-known movies; this person has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. You may not know this actor’s name, but would probably recognize the face. This actor was offered a role in a much anticipated Marvel movie which would have probably made them a household name. And then this actor read the contract in detail.

This contract was shared with me and a few of my colleagues. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it included a clause that basically said the signer of this contract would have to surrender moral authority. It was basically like a contract with the devil – I will make you extremely rich and famous but you will have to do my bidding. This contract extended beyond this lifetime (I think the wording may have been a billion years, akin to the senior level contracts of Scientology). This particular actor refused the contract and I now see hasn’t worked in Hollywood since (though this could be the actor’s choice and not a blackball situation).

A friend of mine works in the movie industry but not in front of the camera. He was offered a similar contract, and was told he could even have the actress of his choice. He refused as well.

Several years ago I read a post by a rap artist that claimed he was invited to a meeting with the most powerful record producers in the business (in the early 1990’s I believe). However, he had to sign a very strict non-disclosure statement with severe penalties for sharing what was to be discussed in the meeting. He saw the biggest names in rap at that time in this meeting. They were all offered a similar contract; the motive was to infect the population (especially children) with what some call a mind virus – the acceptance of the gangsta lifestyle, the misogyny, the criminal element, the drugs, the greed, the disregard for social norms that I’m sure we all believe are essential to a well-functioning community that we wish to live in. Yes, this is hearsay, but it would not surprise me at all when watching the evolution of the music industry and the effects rap has had in society.

Of course this does not mean all famous rap artists, musicians, actors and sports celebrities are bought and paid for. But when assessing the rise to dizzying level of stardom, when comparing their humble and innocent beginnings to their now satanic posturing and symbology, I would wager such sell-your-soul-to-the-devil contracts were signed by Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Lil Nas X and Sam Smith. Such celebrities have a LOT of influence. You might not pay attention to such people, but your children just might. And I do believe many that haven’t signed this sort of contract are just plain intimidated into toeing the line, worried about their careers and family.

Notice how the celebrity driven “Me Too” movement died the minute Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, even though she has actual evidence rather than those accusing Brent Kavanaugh. Notice how few celebrities have come out to highlight the child trafficking issue brought to the nation’s conscience after Sound of Freedom, when they are normally righteous about what they feel are important topics of the day.

Bribery, blackmail, extortion, intimidation are all methods used by the global elite to enact their agenda. It’s not that much of a stretch to add deadly threats to one’s family to this list. Next week we will cover another item to add to this list.

Palate Cleanser

After all the disturbing news, how about a short clip for a few giggles.

I (Stephen) don’t know whether to laugh or cry watching this one minute video clip which shows just how bad our educational system has become.

This one minute video clip speaks to the ideology of victimhood and oppression which has become prevalent in today’s society.

And another one minute video clip belongs in the “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” file.

Heartwarming: Mom of 3 Puts Her Kids on ‘TV Fast’ for Months and Is Blown Away by the Results

Absurd: Crime is so bad near San Francisco federal building that employees are told to work from home.

The Native American Guardian’s Association Founder & President is furious with the Washington Commanders National Football League team, demanding they change the team name back to the Redskins, threatening a boycott. She said they “never objected to the moniker ‘Redskins’ because the term was not racist or offensive. Indeed, the group argued, having a prominent championship NFL team use a name that invokes the proud history of Native Americans was a badge of honor.” The Major League Baseball Cleveland team recently changed their name from the Indians to the Guardians. They chose the Indians nickname to honor Louis Sockalexis, the first Native American and recognized minority to play in the National League back in 1897. In a related story, by now you’ve seen the widespread usage of the term Latinx, replacing the grammatically correct Latino/Latina, to signify the shift into “non-binary language”. However, in a new survey, only 3 percent of American voters said they used the term Latinx, and not a single Hispanic used the term to refer to themselves. This is a prime example of virtue signaling (using a cause to make yourself look like a good person without really doing anything to help) which is actually denigrating to the Native American and Hispanic cultures, and shows how out-of-touch the establishment institutions truly are with the American people (main stream media, entertainment, sports, progressive politics).

As Above, So Below – Blue Moon

Wednesday 08/30/23 (6:35 pm PT; 9:35 pm ET), the calendar month’s second Full Moon called a Blue Moon occurs. No, the Moon is not colored blue, nor is it sad. The reference is “once in a blue moon,” as in, it doesn’t happen very often. There are some who would argue that such an event is not significant. And yes, from an astrological perspective, a second full moon in a Calendar month is not relevant. However, in the bigger picture, they would not be correct, for every Full Moon, particularly another Super Full Moon, is opposed to the Sun and hence has many aspects and opportunities for illumination and revelations. Just consider, as the Full Moon’s brightness is amplified on the waters of the Earth, so too is this Earth light reflected back to the Cosmos and all are greatly enhanced.

With the Sun in Virgo at 7 degrees and the Moon in Pisces at 7 degrees, the health axis is activated. Virgo rules the gut microbiome, particularly microbes and bacteria, and emphasizes a healthy working physical body focused on nutrition whereas Pisces oversees the health of our energetic responsibilities, psychic abilities, dreams, soul work, compassion, emotional body. So the Full Moon’s brighter light illuminates further those areas we may not always see within ourselves or the world. More information about health issues could be revealed. Even if we thought we had seen it all, perhaps we missed something until now when our perspective can shift due to exposure of the dark corners and illusions.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs which, in a positive view, means we can be more flexible, adaptable, able to pivot; however, we could also experience overwhelm and confusion from the wealth of possible directions. Knowing these possibilities could occur means we can be mindful, aware, and take action based in internal wisdom rather than external circumstances.

At this time, our psychic sensitivity (Pisces) and the ability to hear our Soul’s messages may be heightened. Writing down dreams or messages (Mercury in Virgo) can be highly effective particularly when we have articulated desires such as “show me the next steps,” or “give me more information.” We also can practice holding sacred space for others as well as ourselves.

Uranus retrogrades 08/29, the day prior to the Full Moon but we’ll be feeling the effects a week on either side of this turn. Seismic and volcanic activity, a pull on the tectonic plates, and tidal waves are more likely (the Moon/Uranus influences; Pisces is a Water sign).

Don’t look for water, become thirsty.
Necessity develops organs of perception!
O man, increase your necessity,
So that you may increase your perception.

Blue Moon – the Song & Music

Dean Martin’s 1964 version… the true crooner’s schmaltz to the max.

From 1987’s Moonlighting Soundtrack, Cybil Shepherd (the series principal actress) gives her all in this bluesy style of Blue Moon with a big band backing her. Of the multiple versions recorded for the episode “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice” which filmed in color and then black and white, this is, in my opinion, Cybil’s best. She also performed “I Told You I Love Ya, Now Get Out!” for the same episode. Who knew the winner of the 1968 Model of the Year (the youngest at age 18) would go on to star as Jacy (one of the lead actors) from The Last Picture Show, win three Golden Globes, and act in a series of her own name, Cybil?

This song was also covered by a number of people including Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra, and Raul Malo of The Mavericks.

Besides the traditional song, there is also the fun doo-wop song by the Marcels.

Tommy, the “Good Boy”

One of the most challenging parts of moving your work into a Private Membership Association is that most of us are trained to require approval that something is “OK” before we do it. That ends up being a problem in the Matrix.

We’ll use an imaginary Matrix member named Tommy as an example…

Tommy’s been a good boy his whole life. He’s painted within the lines, stayed in his lane, didn’t ruffle any feathers and has a great credit score! By all measures, he’s living up to the dream the Matrix controllers have for his meat suit and sacred life force.

All he needs yet is to pop a muzzle on his face and pick his favorite poison from big pharma and he’ll catapult right to the top of the heap!

But Tommy knows a secret that most Matrix members don’t know. He knows the Matrix is a prison. He also knows that inside his own being, pretty much in his “pocket,” he has the key to open the door.

The problem is, he’s afraid of what will happen if he does. So there he sits, hoping he will get a sign that it’s “OK” to step outside.

What he would really like is for someone to come along, a Matrix prison guard perhaps, and say something like, “Hey Tommy, we know you know the secret. You’ll be OK. Use the key, unlock the door, get busy living.”

But that’s not how the Matrix works. No guard like that will ever come along because anyone willing to do that doesn’t qualify to be a prison guard. And so Tommy just sits there, looking out the window, hoping for the day things change.

He’s going to be waiting a long time to receive the thing he must give himself. This is what we’re trained to do. To wait. To ask. To comply.

And this is why any step towards freedom can feel so…”risky.” But is it? Is it risky to dare to stand up?

Or is it riskier to spend your life waiting for some else to grant you permission to live?


The FreedomWorks Team