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“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn.” ~ Albert Einstein

Health News – Share With Someone You Love

Ivermectin: Will wonders never cease? Look at all the articles found on the NIH website that show Ivermectin is a useful treatment for all kinds of cancer and leukemia. Well, Big Pharma can’t have an actual cure, especially one that is very cheap which they can’t profit from, can they? In a related story, YouTube updates health ‘misinformation’ policy to ban false cancer cures.

Brain Health: Doctor with 30-year history of studying brain scans answers the question, What do brain scans reveal about the use of marijuana, caffeine, alcohol, food additives, and our brain health? Priceless quote “Psychiatrists, in general, are the only medical doctors who virtually never look at the organ they treat.” Also touches on the subject of red food dye and MSG in triggering anger, and the only legitimate medical uses of marijuana, ketamine and psylocibin (only a treatment of last resort due to what brain scans show). In a related story, Cannabis Users Have Higher Levels of Toxic Heavy Metals in Their Bodies.

COVID-19: A one minute video clip of congressional testimony by a prominent surgeon explaining that the largest disseminator of misinformation about this topic was the U.S. government. We have already reported on several studies showing just how dangerous these vaccinations are; now we see that US nursing home data shows clearly that the COVID vaccines made much worse.

Plant Medicine: In case you’ve missed it, we have our own article regarding the use of psychoactive plant medicines. We are considering adding to this article information from Altered States Of Entrapment: The Plant Medicine Manipulation.

Relevant quote from the article above: Occult hostile forces have “hijacked” the “medicine world” in ways most people are not aware of – and given the “portal-opening” chemistry involved between human physiology and plant biology, that’s no surprise. During this time and age of accelerated changes both within and without, there is an occult (hidden) spiritual war of dark versus light taking place “behind the veil”, acting THROUGH us… and it is intensifying. The dualistic matrix is stuck on overdrive, trying to lock as many humans as possible into a frequency prison so as to secure their “food” supply (and to counteract the awakening process of many individuals) while, at the same time, the Divine Force is also attempting to anchor itself to conduits of benevolent intent.

Opening oneself up – forcefully, I might add – to the invisible realms via external substances has the potential to create an opening (gateways) for entities to come through and parasitically attach themselves to the host/’beacon’. This danger has always been there with any kind of ritual, but it is clearly increasing with the global surge in neurology-altering indulgences.

Basically, hyperdimensional entities are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of medicine plants (in particular ayahuasca) with the aim to “tag” more people and take over the human body vehicle via “soul snatching.”

“Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions.” ~Cullen Hightower

How is this Possible? Part 3

I was remiss by not including two salient points in last week’s newsletter. Tara Reade, who we had pointed out killed the “Me Too” movement by accusing Joe Biden, has defected to Russia out of fear for her life. For years there have been reports of voluminous suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons, infamously dubbed the Clinton Body Count. The most well-known case is probably Vincent Foster, White House Deputy Counsel under Bill Clinton and ex-law partner of Hillary, who wrote “Whitewater is a can of worms that you should NOT open!” His death was ruled a suicide, even though the gun didn’t have blood on it nor his fingerprints; a suicide note found in his briefcase was found to be a forgery. The investigator who originally reported on this story lost his job in Hollywood in 1993.

Another notable case is Danny Casolaro, who we reported on previously. He was found in his hotel bathtub with both wrists deeply slashed in a manner that the pathologist declared did not appear to have been done by Danny himself. In particular, the deep cuts severed the tendons of the fingers, which would have made it impossible for Danny to slash his other wrist with the now useless hand, yet much like with Foster it was also ruled a suicide. One of my friends used to be involved in boots-on-the-ground documentaries in El Salvador with cocaine cartels, and assured me that the drug trade was run by the CIA (this gives them funds outside the purview of the politicians). The CIA director at that time was George Bush Sr. The drugs were flown into Mena Airport in Arkansas while Bill Clinton was governor. This was the story Casolaro was working on at the time of his death. After his death, all of his notes were missing from the hotel room he died in.

So yes, I have seen plenty of evidence to validate my supposition in the last newsletter that “It’s not that much of a stretch to add deadly threats to one’s family to this list” of methods used to control politicians, journalists, celebrities, intelligence agents and business leaders.

Now, on to a new topic in this thread…

The boycotts of various companies have become viral. Just about every large and international business has incorporated the DEI agenda into their policies, even when it is to their detriment (Bud Light for example). DEI is supposed to stand for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, when as used in the society and the corporate world should stand for Discrimination, Exclusion and Inequality (think Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four). Thus, hiring is no longer based on merit (the most qualified and capable candidate); instead it’s based on having a “diverse” work force. When the airlines are picking pilots for the flights you are on, what would you rather have – the most qualified pilot or someone hired just because they aren’t a white heterosexual male?

Equality is now being replaced in society by the word equity, which is actually used to deny equality of treatment. If a professor claims that “I believe in treating all students equally, I do not take race, gender or sexual orientation into account in my teaching, grading, or interactions with students,” there is now a good chance this professor would lose his job, face censure or reeducation.

Thomas Sowell, famed economist and historian, is a black conservative who has drawn the ire of the deep-state for debunking their narratives including the truth about slavery and why Africa is a poor country, as well as the liberal policies and ideas which he claims have been slowly destroying the black community (check out his YouTube channel, it’s very eye-opening). He makes the case for why affirmative action (which is an equity principle) has negative impact on the communities they are supposed to serve: the students are not actually capable of handling the competition and expectations of the level of college or university they were admitted to and fail at a high rate; they would be better served initially attending a level of college that more matches their capabilities.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Institutions are given a score on based on how well they align with a set of expected criteria created by an un-elected body of global elites (the World Economic Forum). China rates its entire population on their ESG score, and if you aren’t a good little citizen they will cut access to your bank accounts (like in the movie Minority Report and what has happened in the real world with JPMorgan Chase closing the bank accounts of Dr. Joseph Mercola, as well as his family members, his CEO and CFO and their family members, for challenging the official policies and narratives and selling supplements for the treatment and prevention of COVID).

So why are so many companies pushing ideas that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to, such as allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports, when these decisions are detrimental to a company’s fiscal health and that of their shareholders? They HAVE to do it, which is explained rather well in this 3-minute video. In a related story, every House Democrat voted against a bill that would protect women’s sports.

Yes, Klaus Schwab and the WEF Want to Control Your Life. (Side note, this video includes a pitch about the value of holding gold; if you are interested in using silver and/or gold as a hedge against inflation or as an investment vehicle, contact support.)

Note: Equity in its original definition means a law form which prevails over all other law forms. This is what we mean by Equity as used in our website and courses, and is a foundational principle of FreedomWorks. It is based on twenty maxims of law, instead of millions of codes and statutes, whose guiding principle is based on doing what is right and just under each specific circumstance, and it is a beautiful thing. We have a colleagues that are experts in the application of this law form; they have a 100% success rate with the discharge of debts (IRS, FTB, medical bills, student debts, credit card debts…) as well as proven track record of success with court cases. If you have a situation that may benefit by these services, contact our support team.


What the Deep State Fears Most

This one minute video clip sums it up pretty succinctly.

Stand up to tyranny! Speak up at meetings of your local school board, city council, board of supervisors. DO NOT COMPLY!

Taking ACTION Now and on September 11th

First, a message from Nick Ortner, one of the founders of The Tapping Solution discussing “What is the Bridge between your Dreams and Reality?” Talk about being apropos to what we are all committed to doing through our PMAs. Very inspiring.

In addition, we are including the full email from Team Kennedy about an event in which we can all participate on September 11… changing the negative vibration of that date that was anchored in humanity as a mass formation psychosis event, to a positive frequency action of Service.

We present this opportunity with the caveat that we are not promoting one candidate over another. And, yes, there is a request for a donation to the campaign if so desired, but not required. My donation will be an act of Service with planet Earth.

Instead, we find that a world-wide event being put forth not as a campaign promise but as a spark to bring people together in service to others and leads to the creation of a new paradigm which is in alignment with the very core of the FreedomWorks Vision and Mission.

National Days of Service and Remembrance, on September 9, 10, and 11


As Above, So Below – Reflect and Review

Due to its largesse, Jupiter’s retrograde turn at 15 degrees of Taurus on 9/4 affects Venus and Mercury in big ways. Jupiter squares Venus (12 degrees Leo; exact 9/17-18) and offers wisdom around our exploration of self-love, trust, internal beauty, self-empowerment. You may have discovered something you want but don’t yet have. Wait, wait…because something even better may show up a little later. Trust now.

Jupiter trines retrograde Mercury in Virgo. We may sense a possibility yet not be able to pinpoint it. Again, patience. An option, solution, opening more likely will appear when Mercury turns direct mid-month. Meanwhile, Mercury (details) will be gathering the information around the larger picture (Jupiter) from a consciousness and wisdom of which you weren’t aware. And, as Mercury conjuncts the Sun 9/6, this aspect may highlight messages and offer new energy.

Puzzles – finally the pieces begin to fit together. We’ll be able to see what hasn’t been working because something else has been brewing. This is the opportunity to think things through more intentionally but not draw exacting conclusions.

On 9/4, Venus stations direct at 12 degrees of Leo. The Venus backwards sojourn has brought the energies of self-love, and put us in touch with our personal desires and power. At the stopping point (stationing direct), we have the opportunity to pause, as well, and LISTEN to something we haven’t heard before; it’s always been there but now we can choose to hear, and experience the uplifting internal flame (Leo). As Venus is behind the Sun (13 degrees Virgo), we can see things from a different perspective and understand why it is that we can Trust.

Even though Venus is going direct, with Jupiter’s retrograde, there will still be 6 planets (plus many in the Kuiper Belt) which are going over old territory. Retrograde planets bring attention to internal systems. Note that I said “bring attention” not “makes them do something to us.”

Mars is still traveling solo as it enters (8/30) Libra for the first time in 2 years. Mars acts as a spark, and in Libra (relationships, diplomacy), we may find our relationships, whether with oneself or another, coming to the fore of our attention. We may experience confrontation, disagreement, issues which when resolved will lead to healthier relations. We may feel discord, but if we focus on calm, neutrality, peace then as Mercury and Venus finally join Mars in Libra, we will have understanding. So, no righteous anger, be mindful of urges to explode and, instead, take time to process feelings alone first.

How to work with these energies? Sit down, focus on the myriad of messages you’ve received because you’ve seen something (billboard, in dreams), heard something (in passing conversation, on the radio), noticed a smell (roasting peppers), randomly thought; no judgment no dissection, just write these down. When Mercury stations direct we’ll be in a better position to consider meanings and actions.

P.S. Earthquakes (Uranus & Jupiter retrograde in Taurus) world-wide are increasing in intensity as they progress around the ridges of the planet. The Earth is seeking release of pent up energy much as are we.

Opening the Door to What is Possible

One of the benefits of exploring the world of the Private Membership Association is that it provides a very practical and accessible way to see that so much of what we are led to believe is NOT possible, is actually possible.

  • For a medical doctor to continue his work outside of licensure…unlike what the Matrix suggests, IS possible.
  • For a midwife to care for women outside of the rules and regulations of the Matrix…IS possible.
  • For raw milk to be distributed by farmers to homes across the country, despite the draconian directives of the FDA…IS possible.

Seeing talented and capable business owners conduct their livelihoods in ways the Matrix deems “impossible,” is both a blessing and a “curse” of sorts.

Because once you see those examples of the “impossible” in real life, the inevitable NEXT question for any conscious, free-thinking being is:

What else is possible?

Exploring the answer to that leads us through a doorway towards the total transformation of our reality.

Helping people find, open and walk through that door is the reason FreedomWorks exists.

We help business owners take back control over their livelihood, their future and their freedom to reap the rewards of the gifts they’ve been given to steward on this plane.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

If you are ready to move forward creating a FreedomWorks PMA, you can submit your application here.


The FreedomWorks Team