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Inside This Issue:

How is this Possible? – Part 4

This is part of a long continuing discussion of the manipulation and management of public perception used to achieve the the deep-state/globalist agenda of control and enslavement. President Eisenhower warned of this and JFK expounded upon this, and since then the agenda has expanded to include just about every institution you can think of – military/industrial complex, banking, main stream media, entertainment, education, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Ag, CIA, FBI, and DOJ.

Mind control does not require drugs, hypnotism, telepathy or magic spells; by far most widely used methods of brainwashing is simply manipulating and managing public perception. As the Twitter Files and Facebook Files show (as we reported previously), along with the growing censorship practiced by YouTube, Google, InstaGram and a host of other Big Tech companies, ideas and ideals of a small minority of people are amplified and dissenting voices are silenced in order to create the public perception that the majority of the people accept the ideas and ideals of the minority. This is enforced by politicians and the legacy media who act as if these ideas and ideals are the majority opinion, and treat the silent true majority as extremists.

People are tribal by nature, their social circle of family and friends being of utmost importance; evidence shows having a vibrant social life is a key component of longevity. When these social connections are threatened, it is no wonder that people tend to adopt or espouse ideas that are critical to their acceptance rather than face expulsion from their tribe. So someone is fearful of saying, “I am not going to vaccinated” or saying “the virus is smaller than smoke particles but authorities say masks are not effective in protecting you from smoke,” while most likely there are others in the same social circle that want to say the same thing. So the dissenters are silenced into acting as if they support opinions they do not share. This is why it was so important for the lockdowns to include churches (now ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court as unconstitutional), in order to keep from people from sharing their dissenting voices.

Thankfully we’ve turned the corner and more and more people are freeing themselves from the tyranny to voice their dissent to political correct thought.

Another method to manage public perception is the simple withholding of knowledge and information. How many people have heard about the Abraham Accords? How many understand that these Accords “ushered in a new era of peace and collaboration in the Middle East among Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco without a single bullet fired”, and that “Peace was achieved through America leading with strength, without any wars started, when the experts said the opposite would happen…”? If any establishment U.S. President brokered peace in the Middle East, they would have gotten a Nobel Peace Prize, and it would have been covered in all the legacy media. But since it was Trump, there was scant mention of this anywhere. “While the Obama administration and others said Trump’s bold decision to keep his campaign promise and move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, would cause war in the Middle East, just the opposite happened. Many of these individuals said the same when the framework of the Abraham Accords was initially announced, but just as they were wrong before, they were wrong once again.”

No matter whether you like Trump or support him or not, why not give him credit for what he did accomplish? He also presided over the lowest employment rate since it was being tracked, including the lowest employment rate for blacks in history, as well as Latinos. How many people also know that hourly wages for blacks under Trump’s first three years grew by $3.25 per quarter, nearly double the best Obama ever achieved and the historic rate? When Judge Joe Brown, a black man, was asked if he thought Trump was a racist, he related several stories. “I’ve talked with a number of black entrepreneurs who back in the late 80s and early 90s were trying to get financing. They couldn’t. Somebody told them check with Donald Trump. So they came back and told me they got a loan from Donald Trump. He gave them a term loan, [and said] show up with the interest and the principal, one shake, but they had to go to see him personally. They independently relate this tale that when they went to saw him he said ‘This is what you are supposed to pay me, this is our agreement?’ they said yeah, and he tore the check up and shook their hands and said ‘Congratulations, now run your business.’ He also related that back in the 1990s (timestamp 1:05) Trump dated a black woman in public, walking her down red carpets. At 5:01 he mentions that Trump was “the finance man behind Jesse Jackson’s two runs for president.”

Further, how many people know that Trump nominated the first black woman for promotion to general in the U.S. Marine Corps? Or about his First Step Act, the prison reform bill which included provisions to release non-violent offenders from prison for mostly minor drug crimes, 90% of which were black men? (Note: Which were put into prison by Senator Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Act and put more black men into prison than any other person in history; this is the law that said one gram of crack cocaine was equivalent to 100 grams of powdered cocaine.) Last but not least, to dispel all the fake news to the contrary, here is a video of 38 times of Trump denouncing racism, white supremacy and the KKK.

So the idea that Trump is a horrible racist is actually correct – he is horrible at being a racist! And what about his supporters? Other videos making the rounds in the black community are videos about what happens when black people attend a Trump rally. For example, this 11 minute and 30 second video shows a black man and his experience and admitting he never heard a single racial epitaph and only received love and acceptance. This longer video shows a self-described black liberal who was actually scared for his safety, also to only experience love and acceptance, and when he and a reporter accompanying him crossed over to the liberal protestors they got smoke blown into their face, water poured on them, and bull-horns shouting them down rather than engagement in meaningful discussion.

The black community is waking up. They are tired of what are called the “race hustlers” who make money off of keeping alive the idea there is system racism, and bristle at Joe Biden saying if you don’t vote for me, “you ain’t black”. Recently Madeline Brame, a National Crime Victims Advocate and self-professed “40-year loyal Democrat (because that’s what we were told black people were supposed to vote),”explained why she left the Democratic Party…all you have to do is just step out of your front door and you can see the dilapidated housing, the failing schools, the crime, the poverty, the runaway drug use, the abortion, the open air safe injection sites — all of that stuff… But we continue to give our votes away for nothing in return… I have conservative values, I believe in God, nuclear family, and country — unapologetically. I was raised with those values… And they [Democrats] continue with the narrative to keep us enslaved in our minds, with the slavery and oppression and racism…” This article features a video of black people lined up during the Trump motorcade on his way to Fulton to appear for his indictment, shouting “Free Trump.”

Yes, there is a movement underfoot in the black community, Blacks for Trump, and one man believes Blacks are going to save America.

I’ve recently seen multiple videos of blacks responding with shock and anger as they watch a video of a Candace Owens (a black woman) explaining that white people didn’t invent slavery (the word slave comes from the millions of white ‘slav’s that were enslaved by the Muslims and Ottoman Empire), that white people actually were behind the movement to end slavery (the first three countries to abolish slavery were Britain, France and the U.S.), and that slavery is now exclusively practiced in non-white countries (more than double than the number of slaves imported into the U.S. are right now slaves in Africa).

I’ve learned from Thomas Sowell, black economist and historian, that Roots by Alex Haley, a book which inspired one of the first mini-series on TV back in the late 70s which all television sets were glued to, is actually a work of fiction and Haley admitted he wanted to create a “myth” for his race (this video by Sowell has now been taken down by YouTube). He explained, which is also covered by the aforementioned video by Candace Owens, that contrary to popular belief whites did not venture into the mainland to capture blacks to enslave. Anyone that did had a life expectancy of less than a year due to infection and illness they had no immunity against. Instead, black tribes themselves captured weaker tribes and brought them to the coast to sell; the U.S. slavers were just taking advantage of an already running slave trade.

And did you know that there were actually thousands of blacks in the antebellum south that were slave owners themselves, and fought for the South in the Civil War? If you ever hear of anyone espousing the idea of reparations, then say yes, any payments are the responsibility of the country that captured and sold them into slavery – the slave trade countries in Africa.

Another informative video making the rounds awakening blacks is by a female black professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, which explains the true history of the Democratic and Republican parties. Democrats defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, founded the KKK, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and were responsible for the Dred Scott decision (which said slaves were not people but property). Democrats filibustered the Civil Right Act of 1964 for 75 days until the Republicans got enough votes to overcome the filibuster; in the end 80% of Republicans voted for the bill compared to fewer than 70% of Democrats. The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party whose aim was to abolish slavery entirely, and Lincoln was a Republican. Twenty-two black Republicans served in the U.S. Congress by 1900; the first black Democrat congressman was not elected until 1935. George Wallace, Alabama governor who supported segregation and earned national notoriety by standing in front of the entrance of the University of Alabama, blocking the path of black students, was a Democrat.

Wow, that seems to be a large tangent from how this article started. However, it is a telling illustration of just how mind-control and brain-washing has been used to manipulate the masses. I will end this touching on just how extreme the brain-washing is. The video titles are self-explanatory and each video is less than 4 minutes, and are only a sampling of just how colleges do not teach rational thought anymore but are nothing more than brain-washing institutions (the polite word is “indoctrination”).

Students Hate Trump’s SOTU Quotes…Until Finding Out They’re Actually Obama’s

Students Say Obama Immigration Quote Is Racist… When They Think It’s From Trump

Students love Trump’s tax plan when they think it’s Bernie’s

Yes, the education system is another one of the institutions that have been infiltrated as JFK warned about. When there was a backlash against Critical Race Theory (CRT), it was renamed Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This is being used to indoctrinate children into the idea that all white people are racists and other races are all victims, and is a cornerstone in the idea of Equity that we talked about last week. This is equivalent to pissing on the grave of Martin Luther King and his speech stating that “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This black father sums up the ideals by MLK in this one minute video as he itemizes 10 things black students DON’T need in school.

Now perhaps you can see how the deep-state insidiously corrupts history to manipulate perception to serve their agenda.

– Stephen

Palate Cleanser

Nothing like a little space pants to change the focus and tone of a conversation.

– Stephen

Community 2.0 NOT

As a follow-up to our previous two articles on Community (1.0-Community defined and 1.5-Examples of Communities) we offer a quick dive into “Communities” you probably want to avoid.

–Cult– Charles Manson-style, Jim Jones, Scientology?

  • Characteristics often include threats about consequences should you try to leave: family, friends, pets might be hurt, being ostracized, access to or protection or advice from the leader and organization is no longer accessible. Strict rules and regulations of behavior required and enforced by other members of the group. You may be assigned to perform acts which might otherwise be considered shameful such as begging, stealing, or sex on demand. Ritual behavior (ex: mask-wearing, punching someone during a public event, committing murder such as accidently firing a weapon during a film shoot, etc.); if don’t comply, then not part of the community and subject to harassment, punishment, exclusion. The cult group is viewed as your family and disconnecting from birth family is paramount. Mind control by the leader is at the core.
  • Any Community where you might need a team of Navy Seals to rescue you followed by years of deprogramming therapy
  • Communities which don’t allow contact with “the outside world” (Stepford Wives?)
  • Communities that government, or the UN, or health NGO’s design and build to “protect” you or reduce climate issues, or otherwise control behavior and outcomes.

Warning Signs to watch for in your local area

  • Weather Modification Councils (not “Weatherization”) established at State level as well as regional.
  • Eminent domain notifications/proposals.
  • Any of the characteristics listed under “Cult” tactics.
  • Promises and rewards: “You’ve been chosen to…experiment, and we’ll pay you, give you free food, or eliminate your mortgage or rent.”
  • Smart Town/City declarations
  • Official governmental notice of participation in climate narratives to resolve presumed problems.
  • Government regs which demand replacement of certain appliances (gas ovens) and require Smart Appliances—yes, these may appear to be convenient, but how many times have you actually put food in the oven in the morning and needed to set a timer on your phone to cause the oven to turn on later in the day? As the folks in Paradise California discovered, smart appliances give outside agencies such as the government the ability to monitor and control your appliances.

15-minute cities are NOT community

Perhaps you’ve heard news or read reports that Lahaina was proposed to be a model for a 15-minute city. Of course, it would have to be completely leveled, eminent domain declared so current inhabitants and businesses would receive pennies on the dollar for property. In this article, the dots can be connected as to why a fire (Lahaina, Paradise Calif., etc.) might be an effective tool for initiating a 15-minute community plan.

From Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s recent article about Lahaina’s missing children, he, in what he has coined “high octane speculation” asks, “Would they be capable of burning people out of their homes and seizing their land on the cheap? even if it meant burning some of them alive? Regrettably, yes, I think they would be capable of doing that. Would they be capable of, say, abducting children during such a crisis, and holding them hostage to force surrenders of title or cheap sales of that land? Regrettably, I think yes they would. Would they, in the confusion of such a disaster, be capable of abducting children – never to return them – for use in other purposes? Regrettably, yes, I believe they would.” Here is the full article.


Musical Notes – September

To kick off September with a joyful noise I present:

David Foster & Earth, Wind & Fire – “September”

David Foster has written for and collaborated with many singers – Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Charice, Seal, Earth Wind & Fire, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Chicago, Andrea Bocelli, Al Jarreau, Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson, Lou Rawls, Bette Midler, Bill Withers, Madonna, Vanessa Williams. And, he wrote for many of these singers multiple times. Get the picture? You know his tunes even if you don’t know him. You’ve hummed them or sung them in the shower.

He’s won 16 Grammies out of the 40+ for which he has been nominated.

He’s been touring worldwide over the last decade delighting the audiences with songs they can all sing and presenting the original performers, as well. No screaming, no dirty words, just delighted happiness.

Here’s a tour performance of “September” with Earth Wind & Fire lead singers.

For the full immersion experience of the legendary band where you can dance and sing along and shift your energy state:

Earth Wind and Fire Live 2022, September 14, Sugar Land, TX


As Above, So Below – Directing Traffic

Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. -Confuscius

Though the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are retrograde, the inner/personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are moving forward again as they shift out of their retrograde cycles (Mercury direct 9/14; Venus direct 9/4; Mars speeding forward). Thus, personally we may feel the urgency to get going, while the outer planets may be in a slower gear, even seemingly applying the brakes.

Mercury retrograded 8/21 @ 21 degrees Virgo and reaches it again 9/30–out of shadow. Review what you’ve just discovered; note new perspectives; organize info for use at end of shadow period. Venus retrograded 7/23 @ 28 degrees Leo; out of shadow 10/7 during which we dove into self-love, engaged in evaluation of our values (personal and collective), achieved greater clarity about personal power, and now we integrate.

The Virgo New Moon (9/14) is conjoined with the Sun @ 22 degrees. Together, these apply the information highlighted at the previous Full Moon (8/30) to formulate new intentions and seed new ideas based on a heightened state of discernment (Virgo). With Mercury as the ruler of Virgo concurrently stationing direct in Virgo, a sharpness and preciseness is emphasized. As with the previous Full Moon, the Health axis (Virgo/Pisces) continues to be focal.

So now, let’s apply the outer planetary aspects to the stage set by the inner planets. First, Mercury is challenged by opposing Saturn (increased control of communications, information particularly around health and blocks to truth about health). Neptune opposes the Sun/Moon and in a negative expression, media may create fogginess and illusions about drugs and pharma. Yet at an advanced level, with Neptune’s square to the Galactic Center where plasma derives for creating New Earth, we can concentrate on these higher frequencies to override the illusions. Uranus (in Taurus) and Pluto (in Capricorn) are in an earth Grand Trine with the Sun/Moon (Virgo) which is beneficial (from Jupiter’s nearness) yet we may feel fettered while these larger bodies are steadily breaking down the barriers to complete freedom.

Some of what has been revealed in more recent months – masks don’t work and may be very harmful, vaxx adverse events are more damaging than the virus, mRNA long-term devolution on human health, fertility compromises (to both male-lower sperm count and female-infertility), 80% risk of miscarriage, transgender physiological and mental health issues, and much more.

We can now make decisions from a more evolved position. We can choose not to participate and to not accept the lies of agencies and people who are positioned to gain advantage over humanity. We can stand in solidarity rather than socially distanced in fear. We know more about health solutions available. We can protect our children, elders, each other.

Please remember, the Deep State has been very well aware of the astrological aspects for literally eons and plan their events to uses the lower energies to fuel their war on humanity. This is why it is so important that we be aware and mindful of what is possible and invest in higher frequency outcomes.

“Leo {where Venus currently is} teaches us that courage comes when we face our vulnerabilities and love ourselves through them. It reminds us that true courage and confidence are formed when we show up and commit to something, even when we are afraid. Bravery does not mean you aren’t scared. It means you go on despite the fear.

When it comes to your intentions, it means you put your whole heart into them even when you don’t know their outcome. But putting your whole heart into them is what makes them real. It’s what tells the Universe you are ready for them, and it’s what tells your energy to start manifesting them.” ~Spirit Daughter

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Spectacle of Comet Nishimura: What You Need to Know

Comet Nishimura is a new and exciting discovery that may become visible to the naked eye in September. But this is not just any ordinary comet. It is a rare and mysterious one that came from the farthest edge of the solar system and will never return. In this video, we will tell you everything you need to know about this comet, its discovery, its orbit, its origin, and its significance for astronomy and science. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle! September 16th closest to earth from Ort Cloud region. The hyperbolic orbit will sling it out of our solar system as it rounds the Sun.

NOTE: When bodies come from far outside our system, they are messengers bearing unique information important to this moment. Pivotal. Even if you can’t watch this event, meditate on the message it carries for you, for the planet, for the Cosmos. The hyperbolic orbit will sling it out of our solar system as it rounds the Sun.

This video suggests an earlier time line 9/8-9/17 and more information about viewing position.

“All this had always been and he had never seen it; he was never present. Now he was present and belonged to it. Through his eyes he saw light and shadows; through his mind he was aware of moon and stars.” ~Hermann Hesse

The Perception of Permission

From the earliest moments of our life, the Matrix habituates us to engage in a very devious energetic practice: We ask permission. The request is reviewed. Our intention receives approval or denial to be expressed.

To anyone who has been reading our material, this is most likely not a new idea. Awareness of this “habit,” and the desire to move beyond it, is the very foundation of the work we do at FreedomWorks. Freedom is the state where no obstacles exist between the deepest intentions of your heart and their expression in the world.

The Mission Societies we help our members create (one part of which is the entity called a “Private Membership Association”) exist without permission of any Matrix entity. They are a creation of your intention, a manifestation of your being.

The Matrix trains our perception to see obstacles where they do not exist. When conceptual “checkpoints” requiring permission are installed in your mind, your entire life can be influenced and controlled by forces you cannot even see…entities that do not identify themselves as opponents to your mission here on this plane.

FreedomWorks exists to show, by example, that this perception is engineered. That it is an illusion. That the appearance of obstacles only exists because your life force has been trained to power that illusion.

At FreedomWorks, the journey to shift this perception begins with something that is immediately practical: the creation of a Mission Society within which you can engage in your livelihood without interference.

From there, the journey continues as you realize that the very same freedoms can be introduced into almost every area of your life. This is a deep, peaceful and powerful process. It is not “breaking free,” it is a re-birthing your true self.

The freedom you have over your life has always existed. It has only been HIDDEN from sight by those who require that illusion to remain in control. The illusion ends when you no longer believe that freedom is something that is granted to you by another.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

If you are ready to move forward creating a FreedomWorks PMA, you can submit your application here.


The FreedomWorks Team