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Narrative Busting

As a follow-up to our last newsletter, these stories show that the narrative being told by the legacy media and the politically correct crowd is not supported by evidence and does not represent the majority opinion.

Sixty-three percent of Americans believe President Joe Biden broke the law by violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) when “actively assisting” Hunter Biden in removing the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Bursima Holdings, a recent poll found. The legacy media, politicians and “fact-checkers” (Snopes, Politifact, etc) keep spouting the same line that there is no evidence that Joe Biden was personally involved with the crimes though there is preponderance of evidence of his corruption, such as testimony from former Hunter business associate Devon Archer as well as Hunter’s text message to his daughter saying, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

The CIA was a creation of Wall Street bankers and their lawyers; it was installed under President Truman who would later state that he had inadvertently helped create a Frankenstein monster. JFK purportedly vowed to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” after he discovered they had lied to him about the Bay of Pigs fiasco. This also led him to fire CIA Director Allen Dulles. In this last week, it has been reported that a CIA Whistleblower Exposed Agency’s Action to Manipulate COVID-19 Origin Investigation, Offered “Significant Monetary Incentive” to Discredit Wuhan Lab Theory, and at least two 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits.

In case you didn’t have a chance to review the long videos of black men attending a Trump rally (from last week’s newsletter), here is a one-minute video clip of one black man’s experience in which he said everyone was nice and like family; the lunatics were the protestors who called him a white supremacist! In a related story, Professor Fired for ‘Faking Data’ to Prove ‘Systemic Racism’ Infests America’s Criminal Justice System; one faked study claimed the legacy of lynchings made whites perceive blacks as criminals, and that the problem was worse among conservatives.

one-minute video clip examines the science behind climate change and shows nature has the answer. In a related story, 2022 Nobel Prize winner in physics stated all the major climate models fail to address the complexities of one key variable, which lead him to sign a declaration with 1,600 other scientists and professionals stating “there is no climate emergency.” Another climate scientist publicly has exposed a “reward” system in prestigious universities, research journals and the mainstream media which honors only published papers that confirm pre-approved narratives, such as that climate change is responsible for the recent wildfires, rising heat-related deaths, and declining crop yields.

FBI undercounts armed citizens stopping attacks, “by an order of more than 10.” It turns out the so-called “good guy with a gun” event is not rare and may be involved in stopping a third or more of the attacks. States and cities with the most stringent gun-control measures have the highest murder rates. School shooters target schools where there are strict gun-controls in place (and even have admitted to doing this). Think about it; we use guns to protect banks, jewelry stores, politicians and courthouses, but we protect children with a “Gun-Free Zone” sign. What is more valuable, jewels and politicians or children?

Recently per documents obtained by Freedom of Act Information, FDA, CDC Hid Data on Spike in COVID Cases Among the Vaccinated. “Both agencies have aggressively promoted COVID-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic, including hyping them as strongly protective against severe disease even after their own data have suggested that is not the case.” A one-minute video clip shows a prominent surgeon testifying that the greatest COVID misinformation agent was the U.S. government. Thankfully, a poll finds the majority of Americans are not concerned about the new variants; most likely the numbers not concerned are higher than reported because this poll was conducted by CBS News and thus not in the best interests of Big Pharma and the WEF.

Voters see ‘cheating’ everywhere, 54% expect it in 2024 election. Suspicions of election cheating are highest among voters under 40. Freedom of Information Act records “reveal Fulton election officials in 2020 deputized 100s of anti-Trump Dems from ACLU, gave them power to process absentee ballot apps rec’d thru online portals & then equipped ACLU poll workers w/ iPads to cancel absentee ballots w/o county supervision”. Kari Lake got a massive win for election integrity when an Arizona court ruled the Elections Procedure Manual violated the law regarding mail-in ballot signature verification process. “That means the Secretary was requiring ballots to be counted despite using a signature that did not match anything in the voter’s registration record. This was a clear violation of state law.” Computer user logs show that approximately 70,000 mail-in ballots were reviewed for signature matches in less than two seconds, and that seven of the ballot reviewers had a 100 percent approval rate. So can you compare the signatures between the registration card and the ballot in less than 2 seconds? This article shows examples where signatures obviously do not match; but election officials, Arizona state politicians and corrupt judges don’t want a forensic audit of these ballots.

Majority believe government agents ‘provoked’ Capitol riot after viewing Tucker Carlson’s exposé of the Jan 6 videos. This represents “a stunning rejection of the blame that Justice Department prosecutors and a special House panel have put squarely on the head of former President Donald Trump. ” Seventy-four percent (74%) of Republicans believe it is at least somewhat likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot, as do 59% of Democrats and 62% of voters not affiliated with either major party,” Rasmussen’s analysis read. Now, news outlets and Jan. 6 defendants are among those who will be able to view footage of the 2021 Capitol attack, according to a new policy released Friday by the House Administration Committee, “…In stark contrast to the previous Democrat leadership, who blocked access to the footage and only showed carefully edited clips to the public.” In a related story, 3 Defendants Who Claim They Were Set Up by FBI’s Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer Are Acquitted. Now five in total have been found not guilty and nine were convicted. The FBI organized, plotted, funded, controlled, and carried out a plan to kidnap Michigan’s governor so they could blame the kidnapping on Trump supporters and ‘right-wing extremists.’ When it was suggested that they kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the defendants refused. The FBI used a female informant to sleep with them and even got them high on drugs. At least 12 people involved with the plot to kidnap Whitmer were working for the FBI.

Democrat politicians and judges seem to have a short memory (maybe from too much marijuana) because back in the 60s and 70s the FBI pulled this same trick multiple times. I remember one trial of so-called conspirators when a pastor recruited by the FBI was called to the witness stand. Every time a weapon was produced as evidence of their violent intents, the pastor testified that he provided the weapon to the group. Each and every weapon.

Though claimed to be the administration of transparency, in actuality the Obama administration set records for withholding FOIA requests. The National Archives found nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records, and other documents that show that Joe Biden used pseudonyms while communicating with his son Hunter about Burisma and Ukraine, and there are major attempts to keep these records from being released. Six Obama Administration Officials, Including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, Used Alias Email Addresses, which is against the law for one reason because this keeps communications free from being searched for Freedom of Information Access requests.

In a follow-up to the story about an American Native group objecting to the Washington NFL team removing their Redskins nickname, here is a one-minute video clip of several Mexicans disagreeing with the woke crowd who were claiming this man’s outfit was offensive – instead they actually liked his outfit of poncho, sombrero, fake mustache and maracas! It turns out the Native American activist group that successfully eliminated the name of the Washington Redskins receives some of its funding from both anti-American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. government. George Soros is also behind the new crop of District Attorneys that support defunding the police, no cash bail policies, and lax enforcement of shoplifting laws as evidence by voluminous viral videos showing shoplifters brazenly walking out of stores with their booty. Soros-linked prosecutors oversee 20% of the U.S. population, including half of the country’s most populous cities, but more than 40% of all murders. One of his protégés is Kim Foxx who mysteriously dropped all charges against Jussie Smollet and was obviously complicit in the hoax to brand MAGA supporters as violent. Another protégé is Alvin Bragg of New York now infamous for bringing the first criminal indictment against a former president in U.S. history. George Soros also funded several Attorney Generals, including New York AG Letitia James who campaigned on her promise to “get Trump”.

In a story related to George Soros and his soft-crime policies, Two-thirds of voters want Congress to investigate the 2020 riots, which is more than people who want an investigation of Jan 6. I saw many videos of these riots where the police idly watched as businesses were looted and burned. Pallets of bricks were conveniently placed nearby. 81 Percent of Black Americans Want the Same Level, or More, of Police Presence, not defunding the police. And did you know the George Floyd autopsy shows “No life-threatening injuries identified”? Yes, the legacy media, politicians and a corrupt judicial system gas-lighted the American population and lied to you. The Floyd autopsy showed he had lethal levels of fentanyl, norfentanyl4-ANPP in his blood, as well as methamphetamine and morphine, and he had severe Arteriosclerotic heart disease and hypertensive heart disease (a complication of high blood pressure). He was a heart attack just waiting to happen. George Floyd was not a saint as his rap sheet attests to.

George Soros is a major funder of the World Economic Forum, which we have covered previously. When the history of his times is finally written, I would wager that Soros was behind the funding of Antifa (who were behind the riots of 2020). On the right is the official flag of Antifa.

One other lie being told by the legacy media, politicians, and the January 6 Commission was police were killed by Jan 6 protestors. Immediately, even the New York Times (the supposed “newspaper of record” that has now become a laughting stock) initially claimed one policemen, Brian Sicknick, died after he was struck by fire extinguisher. Even after the fact-checkers changed their story that Sicknik died by natural causes, Joe Biden lied in a speech at his alma mater saying Jan 6 protestors “killed two police officers.”


Palate Cleanser

After this barrage of corruption and insanity, it’s good to raise your frequency with some humor.
Guests making Conan O’Brien laugh

From Improbable to Heroic Probability

No cloaks, giant hammers, magic costumes, nor knights on white horses coming to the rescue. Heroic probability seems to well up while in the pursuit of a Vision, or with hard work or practice, perhaps in service to self and others, through faith, or in listening to one’s heart and taking a stand.

Here are some notable beings who’ve stepped into their Heroic Probability recently.

From The HighWire Episode 337 – Let Freedom Sing

Novak Djokovic @ 1:00-11:23 (timestamp)

“The principles of decision-making on my body are more important than any title or anything else.” (from BBC interview clip contained within HighWire segment)

As Del Bigtree comments, it’s amazing that the very person named Novak made one of the most public NoVax (Novak says NoVax) stands even though his position caused his elimination as the tennis world’s top player from its most important events.

John Rich – Country Music Star @ 11:44–32:20

Some highlights from his conversation with Del Bigtree include: “I pray to God for discernment.” And, “Go to the websites of the people who are lying to you” to discover their motives and plans.

John Rich, along with Drs. Ben Carson and Larry Elder, conceived the Old Glory Bank after Trudeau froze the bank accounts of political dissidents. The Old Glory Bank is founded on the promise that “there are no penalties for you exercising your constitutional rights. We’re about God, family, and country and offer both small business and personal loans.”

John Rich also paid tribute to Oliver Anthony aka Chris Lunsord, who wrote and performed the recent hit “Rich Men North of Richmond”, and Rich referred him to as “the most powerful, important poet for this time”. In this song Oliver Anthony calls out Epstein Island and other topics and says the fury from American citizens is coming. He was recently interviewed by Jordan Peterson producing an enlightening conversation about his vision and beliefs.

At 33:00–44:45 in Episode 337, Jeffrey Jaxen, investigative journalist, recounts one of the most tyrannical actions taken by a Governor—that of using a Public Health Emergency to ban conceal and carry guns in New Mexico (first affecting Albuquerque) for a 30-day period after which she would either amend, renew, or adjust the ban (no mention of ditching it altogether). Governor Michelle Grisham stated firmly that “no constitutional right is considered to be absolute.” (Really???)

Three men took giant steps into their heroic probability. First, Sheriff John Allen of Bernalillo County, NM announced he would not enforce the PHE as it was unconstitutional and violated a Supreme Court decision. Next, NM Attorney General Raul Torres told Governor Grisham he would not enforce the ban as he defends the Constitution. Finally, one of the US judges froze the gun ban. Since these decisions, some legislators have also opposed the ban (Senator Martin Heinrich, for one).

(Note: One of the greatest threats to our freedom resides in declaration of Public Health Emergencies. This goes beyond obvious medical situations and can include climate initiatives, bank closures, eminent domain declarations, food rationing, 15-minute cities, mandated curfews, etc.)

Roseanne at ReAwaken Tour in Las Vegas

Mel K interviews Rosanne Barr. At 32:43 her recorded speech from the ReAwaken Tour event in Vegas in late August begins. People laughed, cried, shouted, stood in ovation. The poem she read was moving, her jokes were targeted and hilarious, the recounting of the injustices during her time in Hollywood, her stories of a childhood surrounded by Holocaust survivors, her spiritual revelations, her ability to rise above, and General Mike Flynn’s obvious admiration for her were all inspiring.

If you are like me and thought of Roseanne as only that loud-mouthed actress from a TV sitcom, you may be surprised by this brave hero’s story and actions.


As Above, So Below – Fall Equinox

And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and autumn was awakened. ~Raquel Franco

Note: Several of you have mentioned receiving value in this arena of planetary consciousness; others have concurred but admit they might be a few weeks behind. I urge you to stay on top of these—they are not random musings, but actually tie directly to events and energies of the upcoming week. Often, there are suggestions for things you can do to take advantage of what the Cosmos is offering in the moment. Some aspects remain rather stable for longer periods of time, while others that involve the personal inner planets seem more fleeting. And, while hindsight can be interesting, the empowerment of fore-knowledge allows action rather than just reflection.

The Fall Equinox occurs 9/22 for the Pacific (11:50 pm) and westward time zones and 9/23 for those in Mountain eastward (2:50 am ET). The Fall Equinox which comes from Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night) is marked by the Sun’s entry into Libra when the hours of daylight and night are approximately the same; and interestingly, the glyph (symbol) for Libra represents the scales of balance.

Mabon, Celtic for the autumnal equinox, marks the second of three Celtic harvests—Lammas, Mabon, and Samhain. Apples are synonymous with this period.

The equinoxes and solstices happen because the Earth tilts on its axis by 23 1/2 degrees. The solstices indicate the greatest (or least) tilt toward the sun, in either hemisphere while the equinoxes fall midway between the solstices. (Earth Sky)

The Fall Equinox always occurs when the Sun moves into Libra, yet due to all of the ever changing aspects to the other planets, the energies differ every year. Generally, Mercury and Venus are close to the Sun, however, as both recently turned direct out of their retrograde cycles, they are quite a bit behind the Sun and thus alignments differ.

Mercury (in Virgo where it rules) is trining the Moon in Capricorn as well as trining Jupiter in Taurus. While all three Earth signs are engaged and indicate a grounding potential, due to the degrees of Moon and Jupiter, a true grand trine is not formed. We can anchor new big ideas (perhaps revealed during Mercury retro) centered on new financial, food, agricultural, or currency systems that are more effective. And, while much of the focus has been on large centralized monetary proposals, in Virgo the emphasis would be local options. Old Glory Bank? (John Rich)

Venus (18 degrees Leo) exactly trines Chiron (18 degrees Aries) providing an opportunity to heal the original wounding (Chiron) with Love (Venus). Both Leo and Aries are the signs of sovereignty and are further emphasized by Mars (ruler of Aries) at 17 degrees of Libra opposing Chiron. Again, think of the balanced scales of Libra as being activated. And, also consider that Chiron (wounded healer) in Aries (“I Am” consciousness) might well represent a foundational wound to our “I am-ness” that can play out as “I don’t have a right to exist” affecting us to the core of our identity, particularly in earlier life. Is this misunderstood healing potential instead being used to manipulate children to change genders thus permanently physically manifesting the wound rather than transforming and transcending it?

Also, Pluto continues to square the Nodal Axis (Aries/Libra) which is anchored by Eris (female warrior/street-fighter) at 29 degrees Libra. This represents a huge Choice Point…do we pick fear or Love; victim or Co-Creator?

And as we know from geobiologist Rory Duff’s work, the Earth’s energy lines coalesce around the Solstices and Equinoxes. At first discovery, this occurrence measured a day or two around these quarterly events; now, the harmony times persist for about a month. In an interview with Melinda Iverson Inn, Rory further reveals that “this is not just physical. It is linked to Universal consciousness which we will pick up as well as an external perception of our internal perception.”

Though I have focused here on just a few of the aspects occurring at this Equinox so as not to overwhelm, I think it is paramount to know that the Kuiper Belt Objects are becoming ever more important to our higher consciousness transformation as we become active partners with the Cosmos. Perhaps a deeper dive into these soon.


Musical Notes for the Autumnal Equinox

With personal memories of performing this piece with my mother on organ, me on piano, and my father singing the words, I present to you Eric Clapton’s more bluesy version.

Autumn Leaves – Clapton version

And how can we slide through the Autumnal Equinox without the Fall movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?

Vivaldi – Autumn

The use of the period Baroque musical instruments such as the Archlute, harpsichord and the 1754 violin creates a sound not reproducible with modern instruments. Also, the frequency of the piece is different from the more contemporary disharmonic hertz. The captions are of a sonnet presumably written by Vivaldi.

How to Be Your Own Hero

You weren’t trained to be a hero. If you grew up within the walls of the Matrix system, you were trained to believe that hero status is something reserved for others.

The narrative that was imprinted upon your subconscious involves shifting the definition of hero to include achievements in only specific areas.

  • You can be rich and give your money away.
  • You can be smart and invent something that helps humanity without threatening the control structures of the Matrix.
  • You can perform some act of courage and bravery, provided it is in pursuit of an approved cause that will not wake the members of the Matrix from their sleep.

In the Matrix, hero status is reserved for the few, the anointed, the special.

There is another path to becoming a hero. It is a path open to every being reading this message. It is also a path that the puppeteers of reality hope you never find.

That path is the journey you take to awaken the hero that is within you right now. That “hero” is simply the best, fullest and most powerful version of who you came here to be.

In the Matrix, being yourself, without reservation, without apology, is inherently heroic. It is a rebellious but peaceful act for which the Matrix has no response.

  • It cannot strike down the heroes, for that will eventually stir human empathy to support the persecuted.
  • It cannot praise the heroes, for fear that the average man will quickly identify with that status and claim it for himself.
  • It cannot demonize the heroes, for it will only be a matter of time before the masses notice they are being lied to and tricked.

The primary weapon of the Matrix for ensuring the absence of the “everyday” hero is to make sure it never emerges from your being.

  • Schooling trains you to value yourself only in accordance with external sources of authority.
  • Man-made religion trains you to spend your life looking for salvation outside of yourself and your own connection with the Divine.
  • The money system, due to its debt-based nature, systematically imprints you with a feeling of lack for you to project into every area of your life.

Even with all of these obstacles, with are left with a very powerful response. That response is CHOICE. The choice to bring forth the hero that is within ourselves anyway.

This hero doesn’t need to leap tall buildings in a single bound or appear on the front of magazines or newspapers.

This type of hero status requires only one thing: THAT YOU SPEAK, ACT AND LIVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR OWN TRUTH.

This is the reason the FreedomWorks team helps business owners move their livelihood OUT of Matrix control. We provide a practical way for those who want to step into their own power and do their work in the world as the best version of themselves.

If you have questions about the FreedomWorks PMA Service or whether it might be a good fit for the services and/or products you provide, please contact us by replying to this email.

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